CS 1.6 Registration TechTrix-2018 (Gaming Session)
Event Timing: June 8th-9th, 2018
Event Address: New Summit College, Shantinagar, Kathmandu.
Contact us at 984-3407094 or 9843696323
Registration Fee : Rs. 1000 per Team.
Deadline : June 7,2018
Registration Fee : Rs. 1000 per Team.
Terms and Condition
General rules
1. All team member should register with their name, phone no.
2. 2 subs can be taken on each team making it 7 players max and 5 min on a team.
3. Registration on 1st come 1st serve basis
4. Team should have completed the registration till the last date. (June 7)
5. A player can play only from 1 team.
6. Modification of team members can be done before the final date.

Tournament format:
1. Will be decided a day before the tournament.
1. Match format
15 rounds of play on a defending or offensive side
2. one to win 16 rounds wins the match
3. By knife round / coin toss, at admin discretion
4. At half time, teams will switch sides

Map pool
1. de_dust2
2. de_inferno
3. de_nuke
4. de_train

Player settings
1. Players are allowed to change following PC, game and monitor settings.
a. Brightness
b. Digital vibrance
c. Contrast
d. Gamma
e. Game scaling
f. Sound
g. Mouse settings
h. Keyboard settings
i. 3D settings (anti-aliasing, V-sync, etc.)
j. cl_updaterate 101
k. cl_cmdrate 101
l. rate 25000
m. hud_fastswitch 1/0
n. fps_max 101
o. gamma 1/3
p. cl_minmodels 1/0
q. m_filter 1/0
r. zoom_sensitivity ratio
s. cl_dynamiccrosshair 1/0
t. brightness 1/3 cl_shadows 1/0

2. Necessary gadgets (mouse, keyboard, headphones, mousepad) are to be brought by own self unless some one is
willing to use the provided gadgets.
3. Players are prohibited on using any sort of external software that provides advantage to the team. If found will be
punished accordingly.
4. Bug exploits or any action that leads unfair advantage are illegal.
5. No any sort of offending logos or nicknames can be used. No trash talking.
6. All players are to report on time. If a team (5 players) fail to appear till the time opponents will be given auto win.
Pause time: maximum of 10 min pause time can be taken by a team.
Admins will have final say on any issues.

To confirm your seat Team must have to pay registration fee until June 7 the day before the main event.

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