Throggs Neck EMS Corps Youth Corps Application
We are currently accepting applications for those who are 13-17 in high school school for our Youth Corps Program set to begin in late February.  The Youth Corps will receive hands on training on emergency medical skills, will be involved in community services, and will learn leadership skills that will last a life time.  Our group meets at our base located at 3955 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465 for 2 hours twice a month.  These meetings may also be held via Zoom unless announced in advance.  All participants get community service awards and are eligible to enter EMS Youth Corps competitions.  Once your application is complete, we will contact you for an interview.  Good luck and thank you for applying to be part of our 2024 Youth Corps Cohort.
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Attendance is very important.  Would you be able to commit to attending our meetings once the dates are announced? *
Our Youth Corps will be required to wear a basic uniform that will be announced if you are accepted.  Would you agree to coming to our meetings in full uniform every time?  This includes wearing your polo during Zoom meetings.  *
Youth Corps members will have the opportunity to attend EMT School upon graduation of high school if they are a member in good standing.  Would you be interested in getting your EMT certification? *
Do you have a parent or guardian that is interested in volunteering with TNVAC? *
We are unable to provide transportation to and from our base.  Would you be able to find safe, reliable transportation? *
Our Youth Corps may be asked to engage in community events.    We will announce all of the events and are aware that schedules change.  Please indicate what days you will be able to participate. *
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