Course Dates : 26, 27 March and 2, 3, 9 April 2016 - 8.30 am to 6.30 pm
Course Venue : Sports Singapore & Kallang Practice Track
Registration Closing Date : Tuesday, 1 March 6.00 pm
Payment Closing Date : Tuesday, 1 March 6.00 pm
Course Fee Per Person : S$180
Announcement of Final list of Participants: Friday, 4 March 6.00 pm
Maximum participants allowed: 24

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    Candidates must fulfill the following criteria before being accepted in the TOECS Level 1 Course: 1. Candidates must be at least 16 years old and have an interest in athletics. 2. They must be able to read, write and converse in the language in which the course is to be conducted. 3. Candidates must be physically fit for their assigned role. This does not exclude individuals with disabilities from participating from the courses. 4. Candidates must attain at least 70% of attendance. SHORTLISTED CRITERIA The maximum number of participants on a TOECS Level 1 Course is 24. Where there are more than 24 applicants who meet the above basic entry requirements, the selection panels will shortlist applicants based on the following selection guidelines: 1. Candidates with basic officiating knowledge or experience.


    Assessment TOECS Level I course participants are assessed in two main areas: 1. KNOWLEDGE - Knowledge and understanding of the IAAF Competition Rules - Understanding of the role and qualities of a competent Technical Official to be evaluated by an open-book (IAAF Competition Rules and Local Language Dictionary only) written examination of 120 minutes duration with the maximum number of achievable points 80. 2. APPLICATION - Knowledge of officiating practice - Demonstrate an appropriate interpretation and practical application of the IAAF Competition Rules to be evaluated by: (a) an Oral Examination of 10 minutes duration and four questions - one on each event group: track, field, combined events and marathon/cross country, with a maximum number of achievable points 10 (2.5 marks for correctly answering each question) AND (b) a Lecturer’s Assessment based on practical skills demonstrated during the course, with a maximum number of achievable points 10 [Lecturer to assess each candidate’s practical application skills throughout the course on the basis of a scale of 0 for not competent through to 5 for adequate and up to 10 for excellent]. To pass the course, participants must achieve a minimum of 70 percent overall and also within each element of the assessment achieve a minimum of: (a) 75 percent (a minimum of 60 points) in the written examination; (b) 50 percent (by answering 2 of the 4 questions correctly) in the oral assessment; and (c) 50 percent (a minimum of 5 points) in the practical assessment by the Lecturer Each course participant will be informed individually on his course performance and examination results within the debriefing session at the conclusion of the course. Recognition Participants who complete the course and satisfy the evaluation criteria will receive an IAAF TOECS Level I Certificate.