Menands Library Survey
The Menands Public Library is embarking on a three year long-range plan and would like the input of all residents in the village. Please complete the survey and drop it off at the library (inside or in the book drop), or, complete it online at your earliest convenience. The link will be provided on the library website. We look forward to hearing from you!
1. Do you use the Menands Public Library? *
2. Why don't you use the Menands Public Library? Choose all that apply.
3. Why do you like to visit the library? Choose all that apply.
4. Are there services you would like the library to provide? Choose all that apply.
5. How useful do you find our electronic resources (website, databases, etc.)?
6. How do you find out about the library's programs and services? Choose all that apply.
What is one suggestion or comment you have about the library?
Your answer
Optional: Please choose each age demographic(s) represented within in your household
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