2019 Bella Love Vendor Application

Hello! Thank you for your interest in participating as a vendor in 2019 Bella Love events! We are excited to welcome the opportunity to showcase your art, talent, business and/or passion at our community events in the upcoming year!

*** **IMPORTANT** ***
Please carefully read the following information and guidelines before filling out the application on the next page. When you have read the GUIDELINES and CRITERIA, then use the button, "NEXT." At the conclusion of the application, by SUBMITTING your application, you acknowledge the GUIDELINES and CRITERIA


In an effort to create the highest quality experience for both our attendees AND our vendors, we have updated our criteria for acceptance as well as the number of vendor spaces available.

-->Acceptance will depend on the type of art or business, quality of product/service, and local proximity. We place a strong emphasis on artists & craftsmen who hand-make their goods, as this helps to elevate the experience for our attendees and create a unique environment.

-->Our events committee will review each application & respond within 14 days.

-->Space is limited at each event and demand usually exceeds the supply. Therefore, if accepted, vendors are required to submit a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve their space. Deposit due dates and instructions on paying fees will be sent out with acceptance notices.
Deposits are non-refundable and RESERVE YOUR SPACE. The remaining balance is to be paid in full no later than 14 days prior to the event. All due dates will be noted on invoices.

-->If there are an abundance of vendors applicants within a particular category (i.e jewelry, skin care products, etc.), applicants may be placed on a waiting list until the events committee can determine the best fit for each particular event. Usually when this happens, the committee refrains from final acceptance until a reasonable time frame allows area vendors of this category to apply, then the committee votes ont he best fit, and in a reasonable ratio to the remaing vendors (as to not saturate the market with one particular type of vendor.) It still is best to submit your applications early for consideration.

-->It is possible that you may not be accepted to ALL the events in which you apply. There is limited space at each event, so the committee does its best to create a well-rounded market at each event to best serve the guests AND the vendors.

-->Food Vendors using this link will be contacted regarding required criteria for participation.

-->IMPORTANT: You may fill out this form multiple times if you are unsure of your availability for any particular event.

(For instance, when you check a particular event date, you are applying for that date. If you are uncertain now if you are available for a certain date and find out later that in fact you ARE, then you may return to the application and check that later date.)

-->If you receive an acceptance notice and are no longer available that date, please respond so we can contact the next potential vendor on a potential waiting list. Canceling space reservation before deposit is paid will not effect your future acceptance. We try and best plan for a full layout with a well-rounded variety of artisans for the best type of market experience. Communicating cancellations in a timely manner is much appreciated!


(If you have any questions about any specific event you may send a separate email to: events@oldtowncornelius.com or type it in the comments field, the final item of the application.)

Tawba Walk Arts & Music Festival SPRING --- Saturday, April 6 (2-8pm)
2nd Friday Street Festival --- May 10 (6-10pm)
2nd Friday Street Festival --- June 14 (6-10pm)
2nd Friday Street Festival --- July 12 (6-10pm)
Urban Art Slam --- Saturday July 27 (TIME TBD)
2nd Friday Street Festival --- Aug 9 (6-10pm)
Cornelius Food Truck Invitational --- Sept 7 (TIME TBD)
2nd Friday Street Festival --- Sept 13 (6-10pm)
Tawba Walk Arts & Music Festival FALL --- Saturday, Sept 28 (2-8pm)
Old Town Revival --- Oct 5 (3-9pm)
2nd Friday Street Festival --- Oct 11 (6-10pm)
Halloween in OTC --- SATURDAY Oct 26 (2-6pm)
Roots, Rhythm & Brews --- Saturday Nov 9 (TIME TBD)
Christmas in Cornelius --- Sunday Dec 1 (12-6pm)

Set up is generally the 2 hours previous to each event start.


What do we look for in our vendor section process? Great question!
Here is a list of criteria that our events committee looks for.

1. Locality of artist/business to the Lake Norman / Greater Charlotte region
2. Quality of Product or Service
3. Uniqueness

***We DO NOT accept direct sales reps (e.g. Mary Kay, Scentsy, LipSense, Paparazzi, etc.). We apologize for any inconvenience.

-Space is limited
-Vendors with handmade goods are highly-encouraged along with vendors who provide an interactive element to their booth display (contests, games, give-a-ways, etc.)
-When considering acceptance, interactive elements and inviting booth displays will be much more likely to receive positive votes from the events committee.

-Vendor spaces are 10’x10’ and exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own materials including tent, tables, chairs, etc.
-There is an additional charge for mobile trailers & electricity.
-Food trucks using this form to sign up will be contacted with event requirements and details.

***Fees vary based on the event and type of vendor:***


--> Artist / Craftsmen ~ offering unique and often hand-made products and/or commission work and services

--> Business ~ examples include local brick-and-mortar businesses, home-based businesses, community groups/NPO, and more. Fees are assessed as a range and based on type of business. Additionally some businesses will qualify for sponsorship opportunities that could include industry exclusivity. If your business potentially qualifies as an event sponsor, you will be contacted with more information.

--> Mobile Truck/Trailer ~ Business fee and depending on size, an additional mobile trailer fee will be assessed

Tawba Walk: (wide variety of artists and groups represented, "something for everyone")
Artist / Craftsmen = $65
Business = $125 - $300

2nd Friday: (wide variety of artists and groups represented, "something for everyone")
Artist / Craftsmen = $50
Business = $100 - $250

Urban Art Slam: (seeking artists and groups with a vibe of street art, modern, funky, city, hip, etc)
Artist / Craftsmen = $50
Business = $100 - $250

Cornelius Food Truck Invitational (wide variety of artists and groups represented, "something for everyone")
Artist / Craftsmen = $75
Business = $125 - $300

Old Town Revival (event co-hosted with Foundation Moto, a motorcycle re-building company, seeking artists and groups relevant to lifestyle of custom bikes, re-purposed art, city, classic meets modern, edgy, etc)
Artist / Craftsmen = $65
Business = $125 - $300

Halloween in OTC (wide variety of artists and groups represented, "something for everyone")
Artist / Craftsmen = $75
Business = $100 - $250

Roots, Rhythm & Brews (wide variety of artists and groups represented, "something for everyone, but emphasis on beer, historical relevance and music related)
Artist / Craftsmen = $50
Business = $100 - $250

Christmas in Cornelius (wide variety of artists and groups represented, "something for everyone," with emphasis on hand-made original gifts for Christmas)
Artist / Craftsmen = $100
Business = $125 - $300

For questions, please contact Jessica Boye, liaison to the events committee and general vendor communications coordinator:


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