IACT Events for 2018

Please send suggestion for future speakers to: lyon@docjava.com
Future Presentations:
1/30/18 - Pat Duncan, SCORE; 7:00 pm
2/20/18 - Bill Erickson, FinTech, ICO and Blockchain; 7:00 pm
4/24/18- John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
5/29/18- Dr. Steve Shwartz, 7pm President of Device42
6/26/18- Guy Sullivan, 7pm, Merrill Lynch, founder of OgdenBurr, FundForensics, FinTech Entrepreneur
7//31/18-Even Kipperman, 7:00 pm, Reg D Equity Crowdfunding, Wiggin and Dana, LLP
8/28/18-Linda Gebauer, University of Connecticut School of Law, Co-Director and Assistant Clinical Professor, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
9/25/18- Dr. Jason Liu, 7:00 pm, Owner, General Network Service, Inc.
10/23/18-John Orban, Orban Designs LLC
11/27/18- Mary Anne Rooke, President & Managing Director, Angel Investor Forum, Executive Director, CVG; 7:00pm
--- 2017 Presentations
1/31/17 - Mike Blake, 7:00 pm
2/28/17 - Paul Striebel, Program Manager, CCAT, 7:00 pm
3/28/17 - Nicholas Bereault, VP Production at www.kelyniam.com 7:00pm
4/25/17 - Cliff Ennico, 7:00 pm
5/30/17 - Scott Nevins, 7:00 pm
6/27/17 - John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
7/25/17 - Michael Weinstein, CEO - Jam Direct, 7:00 pm
8/29/17 - Scott Vallely, CEO - Charter Oak Brewing Co.: Entrepreneuring The Charter Oak Brewing Company 7:00 pm
9/26/17 - Joe Demartino, angel panel - Is your startup investable? - What do early stage investors look for?, 7:00 pm
10/24/17 - Mickey Cooper , patent attny; 7:00 pm; "Entrepreneurs and Intellectual Property Protection: Practical Advice for Bootstrapping as Much as You Can"
11/28/17 - Madeline Hauptman of Power Angle; 7:00 pm
12/7/17 - CTC/CVG Holiday Party, Thursday, December 7, 2017, Kelley Center, 5pm-7:30pm, Free for IACT Members.

postponed: Claire Leonardi and Dr. Radenka Maric, Bruce Carlson
Janis Collins, Stamford Refinery Entrepreneur in Residence, 7:00 pm panel
Contact: Jill Massari for Scheduling.

If you have any questions please contact Prof. Doug Lyon (lyon@docjava.com)

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