IACT Events

Please send suggestion for future speakers to: lyon@docjava.com
Future Presentations:
--2024 presentations
  1/30/24, Tuesday, 5pm, Bryan Mattimore, "AI and Invention"
  2/27/24, Tuesday, 5pm, Toy panel with Mary Ellroy
  3/26/24,Tuesday, 5pm, Michael Weinstein
  4/23/24,Tuesday, 5pm, Robert Cordery, rcordery@fairfield.edu
  5/28/24,Tuesday, 5pm, Eric Schultz
  6/25/24,Tuesday, 5pm, Michael A. Invernale, PhD, SBIR/STTR consultant
  7/30/24,Tuesday, 5pm,
  8/27/24,Tuesday, 5pm,
  9/25/24,Wednesday, 6:30-8pm,
  11/20/24,Wednesday, 6:30-8pm,

--2023 presentations
  1/24/23, 5pm, Connex
  2/20/23, 5pm, David Lieberstein
  3/28/23, 5pm, Kip Werking, patent prosecution for inventors
  4/25/23, 5pm, TBA
  5/29/23, 5pm, Jonah Probell
  6/27/23, 5pm, Mary Howard
  7/25/23, 5pm, Helena Escalante
  8/29/23, 5pm, michael invernale, sbir presentation.
  9/26/23, 5pm, Warren Tuttle
  10/31/23, 5pm, Catherine R <catherine.rondeau@gmail.com>
   11/28/23, 5pm, Alison J. Malloy ctinnovations.com, Managing Director, Investments
   12/20/23, WEDNESDAY, 5pm, SMA (Standard Manufact of America) will host our holiday party.
--2022 presentations will be virtual, this year.
   1/20/22, 5pm, Kevin Carroll, Building A Table-Top Game Business: design, manufacture and Sales
   2/22/22, 5pm, David Bomzer, - Partner, Cantor Colburn LLP
   3/24/22, 5pm, Paul Hebert, President/CEO Hebert Engineering & Design Co. LLC
   4/28/22, 5pm, Diane Covello, Uconn IP Patent Clinic
   5/17/22, 5pm, Mike Blake,
   6/28/22, 12 Noon-1pm, "Ony", Onyeka Obiocha Executive Director of CTNext
   7/12/22, 5pm, Inventor Michael Hagen gives a case history on his invention from concept to sales"
Michael Hagen is the inventor of RV COVER RESCUE™ brand RV Gutter Spout Protector.  The device is a simple gutter spout covering system that protects your RV cover from gutter spouts damage. This durable product installs easily from your RV rooftop in minutes, so you don't have to do a balancing act on a ladder from each corner of your motorhome. The RV Gutter Spout Protector completely blocks the destructive effects of gutter spouts, so you can say goodbye to inferior home remedies forever!  This product is sold through Amazon and Camping World.  
"Michael will discuss how he invented his RV Gutter Spout Protector, the patent and trademark process for his invention and trademark, and the manufacturing and sales process of his invention. "

 8/9/22, Talk from patent draftsman (M. Blake will provide details).
9/20/22, 5pm, Mary Howard, ABCT, designtechnologiesllc.com, School of Nursing NHS 224
10/25/22, 5pm, Talk from patent draftsman; Adam Holden Rosenberg <adam@acmepd.com>
11/15/22, 7pm, David Bomzer, Partner, Cantor Colburn LLP, Licensing and Valuation of IP.

--2021 presentations will be virtual, this year.
    1/20/21, 6pm, Note this is a Wednesday!, - Becca Brown, Solemates
    2/23/21, 6pm - Linda Lerner, - Halloran Farkas Kittila LLP, partner and the head of New York office
    3/30/21 -6pm - Warren Tuttle
    4/27/21 - 6pm - Jerry Hollister - SBIR preparations
    5/25/21 - 6pm - Cliff Ennico
    6/29/21 - 6pm - Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq., Syndication Attorneys, PLLC
    7/27/21 - 6pm - Bryan W. Mattimore, Chief Idea Guy of the Growth Engine Company
    8/31/21 - 6pm - Ted Olds and John Siragusa of law firm Carlson, Gaskey & Olds will present: The Case of the Rubber Band Bracelets and the Knockoffs
    9/28/21 -  5pm - Mary Howard, ABCT, designtechnologiesllc.com
    11/30/21 - 6pm -  Mike Roer MCs Product Presentation and Innovation Awards, there is a cash prize as well as in-kind prizes. All finalist will get a 1-year IACT membership for free. The prize pool presently stands at $10k. Students are welcome to present and compete.
Entrepreneurship Foundation and IACT Present the
CT New Product Business Competition 2021
Online submissions due November 23

$10,000 in commercialization cash grants + supplemental in-kind services

Eligibility.  Connecticut residents and students at Connecticut schools are eligible; products must be pre-revenue (not yet in marketplace, other than on a limited trial basis for market testing).  

Training Session “Pitching Products to Investors and Judges”  Tuesday, November 16, 6:00-7:30 pm. Via Zoom:  https://tinyurl.com/bhrba7ha 

Apply by November 23 at www.Back-Offices.com/product  You will be asked for a brief description of your product or service, and how it's better, and/or cheaper to produce (and why), and/or how customer service is superior, and/or why the target market is underserved. CAUTION: Do not divulge proprietary information.
On Friday, November 26, finalists will receive an invite to the state finals.

Finals Tuesday, November 30 at monthly IACT (Inventors Association of CT) meeting from 6 pm to 8 pm,
in the Fairfield University Library, room 101.  If protocols in November do not permit in-person events on campus, we will hold the finals presentations via Zoom.
At the finals each innovator will have the opportunity to give a 3-minute PowerPoint presentation and answer questions from the judges about the product and plan to commercialize.

A copy of this competition information is also available at www.EntrepreneurshipFoundation.org/product 
and www.Inventus.org 

If you have any questions, email Mike Roer at Roer@EntrepreneurshipFoundation.org   

Holiday Party? TBD - will see if COVID-19 permits it.

   (put off till later)  7/27/21 - 6pm - Bill Erickson, "The DeFi Revolution - Reprogramming Money and Finance"  wmerick@gmail.com

---2020 presentations
  1/28/20 - Leon Pintsov, Chief Scientist Pitney  Bowes (Retd), blockchain
  2/18/20 - Dr. Mark Maybury, CTO, Stanley, Black and Decker, Industry 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  3/31/20 - Helena Escalante* (postponed)
  4/28/20 -  Bryan Mattimore (postponed)
  6/30/20 - Steve Shwartz CEO device 42
 7/1/20 - Sandra Long, author "LinkedIn for Personal Branding"*
  7/28/20 - Todd Cherches CEO of bigbluegumball.com
  8/25/20 - Leon Pintsov, "Commercialization of Blockchain Technologies" Encore performance
  9/29/20 - Eric Schultz, author "Innovation on Tap"
  10/27/20 - Warren Tuttle (talk desc, below)
  11/24/20 - Jeff Marinstein <jeff@marinsteinandco.com>
--- 2019 Presentations
1/29/19 - Dr. Steve Shwartz, 7pm, Executive Chairman, Device42, The Exit Story
2/19/19 - Cliff Enicco, 7pm, Equity Crowdfunding, the encore presentation.
3/26/19 - Dr. Jason Liu, 7:00 pm,  Owner, General Network Service, Inc. Value Creation, Deployment, Commercialization and Preservation of Intellectual Capital in the context of globalized capital market technology and talent economy.
4/30/19 - Bill Ericson
5/28/19 - Andrew D. Bochner 7:00 pm, Wiggin and Dana
6/25/19 - Bob Oros 7:00pm, "Licensing to Companies, Do’s & Don’ts"
7/30/19 - Michael Weinstein, CEO - Jam Direct, 7:00 pm
8/20/19 - Anya Ranganathan, co-founder of Bad Apple Produce, Creating a Secondary Market for Fresh Produce: Challenges and Opportunities
9/24/19 - John Orban, Orban Designs, LLC
10/25/19 - Bob Langer, New Breakthroughs in Cancer treatment
11/26/19 - Mary Ellroy, licensing your game or toy
12/22/19 - Holiday Party (free for IACT MEMBERS) -  https://tinyurl.com/iactCvgParts
--- 2018 Presentations
1/30/18 - Pat Duncan, SCORE; 7:00 pm
2/20/18 - Bill Erickson, FinTech, ICO and Blockchain; 7:00 pm
4/24/18- John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
5/29/18- Dr. Steve Shwartz, 7pm President of Device42
6/26/18- Guy Sullivan, 7pm, Merrill Lynch, founder of OgdenBurr, FundForensics, FinTech Entrepreneur
7/31/18-Evan Kipperman, 7:00 pm, Reg D Equity Crowdfunding, Wiggin and Dana, LLP
8/28/18-Linda Gebauer, University of Connecticut School of Law, Co-Director and Assistant Clinical Professor, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
9/25/18- Dr. Jason Liu, 7:00 pm,  Owner, General Network Service, Inc. Value Creation, Deployment, Commercialization and Preservation of Intellectual Capital in the context of globalized capital market technology and talent economy.
10/23/18-Dr. Dennis J. Jakiela, Ph.D.,Cantor Colburn LLP, former industrial R&D chemist, past Chairman of the New Haven Section of the American Chemical Society, and presently a patent agent
11/27/18- Mary Anne Rooke, President & Managing Director, Angel Investor Forum, Executive Director, CVG; 7:00pm
12/13/18- Holiday party
--- 2017 Presentations
    1/31/17 - Mike Blake, 7:00 pm
    2/28/17 - Paul Striebel, Program Manager, CCAT, 7:00 pm
    3/28/17 - Nicholas Bereault, VP Production at www.kelyniam.com 7:00pm
    4/25/17 - Cliff Ennico, 7:00 pm
    5/30/17 - Scott Nevins, 7:00 pm
    6/27/17 -  John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
    7/25/17 -  Michael Weinstein, CEO - Jam Direct, 7:00 pm
    8/29/17 -  Scott Vallely, CEO - Charter Oak Brewing Co.: Entrepreneuring The Charter Oak Brewing Company 7:00 pm
    9/26/17 -  Joe Demartino, angel panel - Is your startup investable? - What do early stage investors look for?, 7:00 pm
    10/24/17 - Mickey Cooper , patent attny; 7:00 pm; "Entrepreneurs and Intellectual Property Protection: Practical Advice for Bootstrapping as Much as You Can"
    11/28/17 - Madeline Hauptman of Power Angle; 7:00 pm
12/7/17 - CTC/CVG Holiday Party, Thursday, December 7, 2017, Kelley Center, 5pm-7:30pm, Free for IACT Members.



Claire Leonardi and Dr. Radenka Maric, Bruce Carlson
Francis J Stapleton DDS
Janis Collins, Stamford Refinery Entrepreneur in Residence, 7:00 pm panel
 “How I Went from Idea to Sales in 6 Months.” Michael Alatortsev, Founder, Monitoreal, A hands-on technology executive and serial entrepreneur (Advection, iTrend). In his spare time he builds bit-coin mining devices out of milk crates and spare computer parts that also serve as home space heaters.
Contact: Jill Massari for Scheduling.
 Dana Knowles inventor of the shower caddy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SQH1NKK/.


If you have any questions please contact Prof. Doug Lyon (lyon@docjava.com)
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