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Future Presentations:
--2021 presentations
3/30/21 - Warren Tuttle
---2020 presentations
1/28/20 - Leon Pintsov, Chief Scientist Pitney Bowes (Retd), blockchain
2/18/20 - Dr. Mark Maybury, CTO, Stanley, Black and Decker, Industry 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
3/31/20 - Helena Escalante* (postponed)
4/28/20 - Bryan Mattimore (postponed)
6/30/20 - Steve Shwartz CEO device 42
7/1/20 - Sandra Long, author "LinkedIn for Personal Branding"*
7/28/20 - Todd Cherches CEO of bigbluegumball.com
8/25/20 - Leon Pintsov, "Commercialization of Blockchain Technologies" Encore performance
9/29/20 - Eric Schultz, author "Innovation on Tap"
10/27/20 - Warren Tuttle (talk desc, below)
11/24/20 - Jeff Marinstein <jeff@marinsteinandco.com>
--- 2019 Presentations
1/29/19 - Dr. Steve Shwartz, 7pm, Executive Chairman, Device42, The Exit Story
2/19/19 - Cliff Enicco, 7pm, Equity Crowdfunding, the encore presentation.
3/26/19 - Dr. Jason Liu, 7:00 pm, Owner, General Network Service, Inc. Value Creation, Deployment, Commercialization and Preservation of Intellectual Capital in the context of globalized capital market technology and talent economy.
4/30/19 - Bill Ericson
5/28/19 - Andrew D. Bochner 7:00 pm, Wiggin and Dana
6/25/19 - Bob Oros 7:00pm, "Licensing to Companies, Do’s & Don’ts"
7/30/19 - Michael Weinstein, CEO - Jam Direct, 7:00 pm
8/20/19 - Anya Ranganathan, co-founder of Bad Apple Produce, Creating a Secondary Market for Fresh Produce: Challenges and Opportunities
9/24/19 - John Orban, Orban Designs, LLC
10/25/19 - Bob Langer, New Breakthroughs in Cancer treatment
11/26/19 - Mary Ellroy, licensing your game or toy
12/22/19 - Holiday Party (free for IACT MEMBERS) - https://tinyurl.com/iactCvgParts
--- 2018 Presentations
1/30/18 - Pat Duncan, SCORE; 7:00 pm
2/20/18 - Bill Erickson, FinTech, ICO and Blockchain; 7:00 pm
4/24/18- John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
5/29/18- Dr. Steve Shwartz, 7pm President of Device42
6/26/18- Guy Sullivan, 7pm, Merrill Lynch, founder of OgdenBurr, FundForensics, FinTech Entrepreneur
7/31/18-Evan Kipperman, 7:00 pm, Reg D Equity Crowdfunding, Wiggin and Dana, LLP
8/28/18-Linda Gebauer, University of Connecticut School of Law, Co-Director and Assistant Clinical Professor, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
9/25/18- Dr. Jason Liu, 7:00 pm, Owner, General Network Service, Inc. Value Creation, Deployment, Commercialization and Preservation of Intellectual Capital in the context of globalized capital market technology and talent economy.
10/23/18-Dr. Dennis J. Jakiela, Ph.D.,Cantor Colburn LLP, former industrial R&D chemist, past Chairman of the New Haven Section of the American Chemical Society, and presently a patent agent
11/27/18- Mary Anne Rooke, President & Managing Director, Angel Investor Forum, Executive Director, CVG; 7:00pm
12/13/18- Holiday party
--- 2017 Presentations
1/31/17 - Mike Blake, 7:00 pm
2/28/17 - Paul Striebel, Program Manager, CCAT, 7:00 pm
3/28/17 - Nicholas Bereault, VP Production at www.kelyniam.com 7:00pm
4/25/17 - Cliff Ennico, 7:00 pm
5/30/17 - Scott Nevins, 7:00 pm
6/27/17 - John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
7/25/17 - Michael Weinstein, CEO - Jam Direct, 7:00 pm
8/29/17 - Scott Vallely, CEO - Charter Oak Brewing Co.: Entrepreneuring The Charter Oak Brewing Company 7:00 pm
9/26/17 - Joe Demartino, angel panel - Is your startup investable? - What do early stage investors look for?, 7:00 pm
10/24/17 - Mickey Cooper , patent attny; 7:00 pm; "Entrepreneurs and Intellectual Property Protection: Practical Advice for Bootstrapping as Much as You Can"
11/28/17 - Madeline Hauptman of Power Angle; 7:00 pm
12/7/17 - CTC/CVG Holiday Party, Thursday, December 7, 2017, Kelley Center, 5pm-7:30pm, Free for IACT Members.

Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Inventing (Harper Collins) covers a wide range of topics, all dedicated to promoting grass roots innovation in America. The first half of the book describes what a successful corporate Open Innovation program looks like and why it is important for companies to search outside their four walls for disruptive and profitable innovation, highlighting proven mechanics, explaining why the outside contractor model works best, and recapping from extensive experience of how Warren entered the arena, both personally and professionally. Of equal importance, independent innovators (inventors, product developers, designers and makers) may learn more about how to develop new products the proper way and license them for profit. The second half of the book focuses on the myriad challenges today’s inventors are subject to, including scammers taking their money without supplying profitable results, big tech companies diluting the patent system, PTAB challenges at the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as Washington DC lobbyists and politics. The book ends with a section on the importance of organic innovation, why that will be critical in digging out of our current economic recession, and what everyone in our society, from the Supreme Court to corporate board rooms, can do to improve the current state of US innovation; otherwise the United States may soon lose its historic place as the world’s leading innovator.


Warren Tuttle has for many years overseen the Open Innovation product programs for several industry leading companies including Lifetime Brands in the housewares and table top arenas (Farberware, Kitchen Aid and 40 other brands), Techtronics Industries Power Tool Group in the power tool and hardware industries (Ryobi, Rigid, Hart Tools and other brands) and Merchant Media in the Direct Response Television category (True Touch, Perfect Pasta and many other brands). He was also the person behind the launch of several highly successful consumer products including MISTO, The Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer and the SmartSpin Storage Container System. Warren personally interacts with many thousands of inventors every year and has initiated well over 100 new consumer product licensing agreements that have collectively generated over a billion dollars in retail sales. Warren is also a well-known advocate for inventor rights. He serves as the President of the United Inventors Association Board of Directors, a national 501c3 non-profit with high ethical standards that helps inventors through education, advocacy and the sponsorship of inventor booth pavilions at several industry trade shows, most notably the National Hardware Show. Warren is also a member of the National Pro Bono Patent Commission and the United States Patent and Trademark Office National Council for Expanding American Innovation. Warren’s new book, Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Innovation, will be published by Harper Collins in the Fall of 2020. He lives with his wife Lynn in Southern Connecticut and has three wonderful daughters, all well-educated and working. He enjoys skiing, motorcycling, golf and travel. Website: www.tuttleinnovation.com, Email: wwtuttle@yahoo.com, LinkedIn: wwtuttle, Google: Warren Tuttle.


- President of the largest 501c3 based non-profit inventor education organization in the United States: United Inventors Association (www.uiausa.org)

- Creator of the largest trade industry innovation event in the US: National Hardware Show: Inventor Spotlight Pavilion

- Original member of the 7-person Patent Pro Bono Advisory Council (PBAC)

- Member of the brand new US Department of Commerce National Council for Expanding American Innovation (NCEAI, chaired by Wilbur Ross and USPTO Director Abdrei Iancu) increasing innovation opportunities for minorities and women

- Public Broadcasting Make 48 TV Show mentor (4th year airs September-October 2020)

- Prolific speaker at inventor clubs across the country, many USPTO events (including Invention Con and Smithsonian) and several in Europe

- Organizer of the National Inventor Club Leadership Conferences (2017 and 2019 in Alexandria, VA)

- Creator and host of the Tuttle Innovation Webinar series with an audience of over 100K inventors (see over 30 shows at www.tuttleinnovation.com)

- Invited guest representing the inventor community at the US Patent and Trademark Office's 10 Millionth Patent Celebration (Mount Vernon 2019)

- Invited guest representing the inventor community for the Signing of the 2012 AIA


Title: Creative -- and Economical -- Ways to Invent and Market Successful New Products
by Bryan W. Mattimore

Description: Drawing on over 25 years of experience leading successful new product initiatives on everything from tools to toys, cookies to salad dressing, wood pulp to fuse boxes, this instructive -- and entertaining -- talk will share state-of-the-art product positioning, target market identification, and consumer research methodologies. These methodologies have enabled Growth Engine Innovation Agency to create over $3 billion in new product successes for Pepsi, Thomas’, Procter and Gamble, Mondelez, Sony, and over 50 other companies. Of particular note will be the ways that traditionally very-expensive qualitative and quantitative research methodologies can be creatively modified and adapted to achieve “big business” results… at a fraction of the cost.

Bryan W. Mattimore is Cofounder and “Chief Idea Guy” of the Growth Engine Company, a twenty-year old innovation and creativity training agency based in Westport. In his marketing consulting career, Bryan has managed over two hundred successful innovation projects, leading to over $3 billion in new sales for one-third of the Fortune 100 companies.
Bryan’s three best-selling books on ideation and innovation process include Idea Stormers, How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs and 21 Days to a Big Idea. A cum laude graduate of Dartmouth with a major in psychology, he is also an innovation and marketing instructor for Caltech, and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Global Innovation Institute.

Encore presentation, Leon Pintsov, "Commercialization of Blockchain Technologies" https://forms.gle/VtfoPZdiRFuzso9R7
Claire Leonardi and Dr. Radenka Maric, Bruce Carlson
Francis J Stapleton DDS
Janis Collins, Stamford Refinery Entrepreneur in Residence, 7:00 pm panel
“How I Went from Idea to Sales in 6 Months.” Michael Alatortsev, Founder, Monitoreal, A hands-on technology executive and serial entrepreneur (Advection, iTrend). In his spare time he builds bit-coin mining devices out of milk crates and spare computer parts that also serve as home space heaters.
Contact: Jill Massari for Scheduling.
Dana Knowles inventor of the shower caddy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SQH1NKK/.

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