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Future Presentations:
--2021 presentations will be virtual, this year.
1/20/21, 6pm, Note this is a Wednesday!, - Becca Brown, Solemates
2/23/21, 6pm - Linda Lerner, - Halloran Farkas Kittila LLP, partner and the head of New York office
3/30/21 -6pm - Warren Tuttle
4/27/21 - 6pm - Jerry Hollister - SBIR preparations
5/25/21 - 6pm - Cliff Ennico
6/29/21 - 6pm - Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq., Syndication Attorneys, PLLC
7/27/21 - 6pm - Bill Erickson, "The DeFi Revolution - Reprogramming Money and Finance"
8/31/21 - 6pm - Ted Olds and John Siragusa of law firm Carlson, Gaskey & Olds will present: The Case of the Rubber Band Bracelets and the Knockoffs
9/28/21 - 6pm - Mike Roer MCs Product Presentation and Innovation Awards, IACT Members only
10/26/21 - 6pm - Scott Purcell, Found and Chief Trust Officer, PrimeTrust, Tokenization of Securities
11/30/21 - 6pm - TBA
Holiday Party? TBD - will see if COVID-19 permits it.

---2020 presentations
1/28/20 - Leon Pintsov, Chief Scientist Pitney Bowes (Retd), blockchain
2/18/20 - Dr. Mark Maybury, CTO, Stanley, Black and Decker, Industry 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
3/31/20 - Helena Escalante* (postponed)
4/28/20 - Bryan Mattimore (postponed)
6/30/20 - Steve Shwartz CEO device 42
7/1/20 - Sandra Long, author "LinkedIn for Personal Branding"*
7/28/20 - Todd Cherches CEO of bigbluegumball.com
8/25/20 - Leon Pintsov, "Commercialization of Blockchain Technologies" Encore performance
9/29/20 - Eric Schultz, author "Innovation on Tap"
10/27/20 - Warren Tuttle (talk desc, below)
11/24/20 - Jeff Marinstein <jeff@marinsteinandco.com>
--- 2019 Presentations
1/29/19 - Dr. Steve Shwartz, 7pm, Executive Chairman, Device42, The Exit Story
2/19/19 - Cliff Enicco, 7pm, Equity Crowdfunding, the encore presentation.
3/26/19 - Dr. Jason Liu, 7:00 pm, Owner, General Network Service, Inc. Value Creation, Deployment, Commercialization and Preservation of Intellectual Capital in the context of globalized capital market technology and talent economy.
4/30/19 - Bill Ericson
5/28/19 - Andrew D. Bochner 7:00 pm, Wiggin and Dana
6/25/19 - Bob Oros 7:00pm, "Licensing to Companies, Do’s & Don’ts"
7/30/19 - Michael Weinstein, CEO - Jam Direct, 7:00 pm
8/20/19 - Anya Ranganathan, co-founder of Bad Apple Produce, Creating a Secondary Market for Fresh Produce: Challenges and Opportunities
9/24/19 - John Orban, Orban Designs, LLC
10/25/19 - Bob Langer, New Breakthroughs in Cancer treatment
11/26/19 - Mary Ellroy, licensing your game or toy
12/22/19 - Holiday Party (free for IACT MEMBERS) - https://tinyurl.com/iactCvgParts
--- 2018 Presentations
1/30/18 - Pat Duncan, SCORE; 7:00 pm
2/20/18 - Bill Erickson, FinTech, ICO and Blockchain; 7:00 pm
4/24/18- John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
5/29/18- Dr. Steve Shwartz, 7pm President of Device42
6/26/18- Guy Sullivan, 7pm, Merrill Lynch, founder of OgdenBurr, FundForensics, FinTech Entrepreneur
7/31/18-Evan Kipperman, 7:00 pm, Reg D Equity Crowdfunding, Wiggin and Dana, LLP
8/28/18-Linda Gebauer, University of Connecticut School of Law, Co-Director and Assistant Clinical Professor, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
9/25/18- Dr. Jason Liu, 7:00 pm, Owner, General Network Service, Inc. Value Creation, Deployment, Commercialization and Preservation of Intellectual Capital in the context of globalized capital market technology and talent economy.
10/23/18-Dr. Dennis J. Jakiela, Ph.D.,Cantor Colburn LLP, former industrial R&D chemist, past Chairman of the New Haven Section of the American Chemical Society, and presently a patent agent
11/27/18- Mary Anne Rooke, President & Managing Director, Angel Investor Forum, Executive Director, CVG; 7:00pm
12/13/18- Holiday party
--- 2017 Presentations
1/31/17 - Mike Blake, 7:00 pm
2/28/17 - Paul Striebel, Program Manager, CCAT, 7:00 pm
3/28/17 - Nicholas Bereault, VP Production at www.kelyniam.com 7:00pm
4/25/17 - Cliff Ennico, 7:00 pm
5/30/17 - Scott Nevins, 7:00 pm
6/27/17 - John Yankovich, 7:00 pm
7/25/17 - Michael Weinstein, CEO - Jam Direct, 7:00 pm
8/29/17 - Scott Vallely, CEO - Charter Oak Brewing Co.: Entrepreneuring The Charter Oak Brewing Company 7:00 pm
9/26/17 - Joe Demartino, angel panel - Is your startup investable? - What do early stage investors look for?, 7:00 pm
10/24/17 - Mickey Cooper , patent attny; 7:00 pm; "Entrepreneurs and Intellectual Property Protection: Practical Advice for Bootstrapping as Much as You Can"
11/28/17 - Madeline Hauptman of Power Angle; 7:00 pm
12/7/17 - CTC/CVG Holiday Party, Thursday, December 7, 2017, Kelley Center, 5pm-7:30pm, Free for IACT Members.



Title: Creative -- and Economical -- Ways to Invent and Market Successful New Products
by Bryan W. Mattimore

Description: Drawing on over 25 years of experience leading successful new product initiatives on everything from tools to toys, cookies to salad dressing, wood pulp to fuse boxes, this instructive -- and entertaining -- talk will share state-of-the-art product positioning, target market identification, and consumer research methodologies. These methodologies have enabled Growth Engine Innovation Agency to create over $3 billion in new product successes for Pepsi, Thomas’, Procter and Gamble, Mondelez, Sony, and over 50 other companies. Of particular note will be the ways that traditionally very-expensive qualitative and quantitative research methodologies can be creatively modified and adapted to achieve “big business” results… at a fraction of the cost.

Bryan W. Mattimore is Cofounder and “Chief Idea Guy” of the Growth Engine Company, a twenty-year old innovation and creativity training agency based in Westport. In his marketing consulting career, Bryan has managed over two hundred successful innovation projects, leading to over $3 billion in new sales for one-third of the Fortune 100 companies.
Bryan’s three best-selling books on ideation and innovation process include Idea Stormers, How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs and 21 Days to a Big Idea. A cum laude graduate of Dartmouth with a major in psychology, he is also an innovation and marketing instructor for Caltech, and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Global Innovation Institute.

Encore presentation, Leon Pintsov, "Commercialization of Blockchain Technologies" https://forms.gle/VtfoPZdiRFuzso9R7
Claire Leonardi and Dr. Radenka Maric, Bruce Carlson
Francis J Stapleton DDS
Janis Collins, Stamford Refinery Entrepreneur in Residence, 7:00 pm panel
“How I Went from Idea to Sales in 6 Months.” Michael Alatortsev, Founder, Monitoreal, A hands-on technology executive and serial entrepreneur (Advection, iTrend). In his spare time he builds bit-coin mining devices out of milk crates and spare computer parts that also serve as home space heaters.
Contact: Jill Massari for Scheduling.
Dana Knowles inventor of the shower caddy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SQH1NKK/.

If you have any questions please contact Prof. Doug Lyon (lyon@docjava.com)
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