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Grant Application: Prospect Park Track Club
Thank you for submitting a proposal to the PPTC Grants Program. We look forward to learning more about what you do for the Brooklyn running community!

The strongest applications will include information about a specific project for which PPTC can provide support. Each text field is limited to 1,000 characters, so please keep your responses concise!

For more information, please visit The deadline for submission is Tuesday, February 28 at 5:00 p.m.

Organization Name
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Applicant Name
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Applicant Title
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Email Address
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Phone Number
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Amount Requested
Ideally, how much money would you like to receive for your project?
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Organization's Mission
Describe your organization's mission and how it supports Brooklyn running.
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Action Plan
Describe how your organization hopes to use the grant and the overall project goals.
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Describe your timeline for using the money. Will it all be spent at once? Over several months?
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Please list the costs for your proposal.
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Do you plan to share this project and its impact with the broader community? If so, how?
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Outline any challenges that you may come across as you use the grant. How do you plan to overcome these challenges?
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Evidence of Success; Evaluation
What impact are you seeking to have in the Brooklyn running community and how will you determine if the program is a success?
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Alternative Funding Sources
If we do not select you for a grant, what other sources of funding will you seek for this project?
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Nonprofit status
Does your organization have 501(c)(3) status?
If yes, have you filed a Form 990 for the most recent year?
If yes, please include your organization's EIN.
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