2020/2021 ReproNim Training Fellowship Opportunity
We are excited to announce the upcoming second year of our ReproNim/INCF Training Fellowship Program, sponsored jointly by the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). This is a full year Train-the-Trainer fellowship program which provides Fellows with conceptual and practical training in reproducible neuroimaging, as well as tailored support for individual syllabus development and implementation of reproducibility training in their home institutions. ReproNim will award five (5) fellowships for this year, with the possibility of additional slots, pending availability of funds.

ReproNim/INCF Fellowship Benefits:

1. Travel funds to attend the in-person training workshop in Montreal, Canada on June 22, 2020

2. Conceptual and hands-on experience in various aspects of reproducible neuroimaging, including computational technologies, pipelines/workflows, data handling and statistics

3. Ongoing Mentorship with ReproNim faculty throughout the year and as needed going forward

4. Networking and Collaborative opportunities, including ReproNim faculty, Fellows, and Alumni

5. Professional and Leadership skill building

6. Fellowship honor for your CV, Biosketch

TIMING: So that folks can make pre-registration discounts for OHBM, we request your application be submitted by February 1). We will then review and select 5 ReproNim/INCF Fellows by February end.

“Applications will open on January 1, 2020, with a submission deadline of February 1, 2020. This online application (below) should only take a few minutes to complete.”

Requirements to become a ReproNim/INCF Fellow
We are looking for applicants that have:

1. Interest in improving your skills and in teaching reproducible and efficient neuroimaging

2. Time available to contribute to existing ReproNim training material

3. Willingness to lead a training event at your home institution or local scientific forum, using or contributing to some ReproNim material (Note: The ReproNim training team will help you plan and execute your training event)
Are you interested in applying for the ReproNim/INCF Training Fellowship?
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