Undergraduate Scholars Application
Undergraduate Scholars is a student organization that seeks to recognize all undergraduates at ACU engaged in professional-quality scholarship. Such scholarship includes all academic fields represented by faculty at ACU and should ideally be performed in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Undergraduate Scholars is not just dedicated to recognition but also interaction. We seek to encourage a more inclusive academic community by creating cross-disciplinary forums where our members will have opportunities to experience and appreciate the broad array of disciplines available at Abilene Christian University.

Diversity is the key to success in creative scholarship, and open-minded inclusion is the gateway to diversity.

Does your scholarship qualify? Here are the four broadly defined criteria:
1. Creative: we support students learning to produce new, unique contributions to their disciplines.
2. Critical: scholars must employ critical thinking to the development of their creative product/research.
3. Presentation: the scholarship must be presented in order to benefit the discipline (and the rest of the world).
4. Evaluation: scholars must subject their work to formal evaluation by peers and/or experts in their discipline and learn ways that their scholarship has yet to improve.

Applicants must provide the username (email) of a faculty mentor who can vouch for the professional quality of their scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to obtain permission from mentors serving in this reference capacity.

Your username will be collected. Please provide the following information (including faculty mentor) in order to help us recognize you and include you in our community.
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Provide the name and date of the most important event/publication in which your scholarly work has been presented (e.g. ACU Undergraduate Research Festival, 2019 or The Shinnery Review, 2018). *
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Would you like to be considered for inclusion in the leadership 'Panel' of the Undergraduate Scholars organization? The 'Panel' must serve to obtain event funding from the SGA and facilitate events, including the ACU Undergraduate Research Festival. The 'Panel' will also vote on the Mentor's of the Year to be announced at the Festival. The 'Panel' will consist of 12 members; one shall be designated the 'president-treasurer;' 11 will serve 'at-large.' Diversity will be a primary criterion for inclusion in the 'Panel.' *
Suggested Members: Please consider providing the names of other undergraduate scholars from ACU in a different field than your own who should be contacted for inclusion.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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