Opportunity Grant Application
The Ashland Education Fund offers Opportunity Grants of up to $500 to be awarded for unexpected opportunities that occur outside of the spring and fall Planned Grant cycles. Opportunity grant applications should be reserved for truly unexpected opportunities such as natural phenomena like the ice caves or an unexpected guest lecturer or performer traveling through the area. Opportunity Grants are available throughout the year, depending on available funds.

Planned grants are awarded twice a year. The October grant application period is to support projects for upcoming winter and spring, and the April application period is to support summer and fall initiatives. Planned grants requests can be over $500.

Please use this form for Opportunity Grant requests only. If you are unsure which grant to apply to, please contact us at ashlandeducationfund@gmail.com prior to submitting an application.
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Sometimes we can fund a portion, but not all, of an application. Would you be able to utilize partial funding?
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