from 05/03 to 09/03 2018
1.-The general organisation of the project meeting
2.-The quality and utility of the activities you have taken part in, during the project meeting at OS VLADIMIRA BECICA?
3.-The level of communication and information exchange between the involved institutions:
4.-The level of the contribution of the project meeting to a better knowledge of the participants/teams and to a better collaboration between the involved institutions.
5.-The level of the contribution of the activities which have been developed so far to a better collaboration with the local authorities.
6.-The level of the achievement of the project objectives.
7.- How do you consider the relationship of your students with those from the other teams?
8.- How do you consider the coordination between teachers and students?
9.- Name three things which you didn’t like
Your answer
10.-In your opinion, which was the best activity/visit?
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11.- Your degree of interest in the activities
12.-Present the impact of this project meeting on your institution and on yourself.
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13.- What you miss during the meeting?
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14.-Suggest three ideas which you have for a good development of the project.
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