2018 DragonConTV Submissions
So you’ve got this great idea for a skit, and your friends are ready to make a video out of it. Maybe you have a fan film or sweet music video that will go perfectly with our little convention. This is where we take submissions from the community.

We started out as a fairly small community making videos for Dragon Con, but now DragonConTV really wants fandom to help entertain fandom. Submissions close August 12, 2018 ... so get to work!
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Even if your video was produced by a team/group/collective, we need a single point of contact for video submissions.
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Your name? The name of a group? Your patronus? Whatever.
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This is how we keep submissions sorted, so please enter a different title for each submission. If you have a big pile of videos to submit, e-mail us first - dragoncontv@gmail.com
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Note we have time limits below. These are important. For skits, your time limit is two minutes … 120 seconds (without credits). That is the maximum time, and you don’t have to fill it. Robot Chicken shows us sometimes a shorter joke is funnier (see our Homeless Klingon for the perfect example). Sometimes we use the term “long joke” to describe a skit where nothing happens even if the skit is technically under the two minute guideline. Our time limit on fan films and music videos – nothing longer than 10 minutes (including credits). Remember your audience is here for the convention and might not be willing to sit through really long videos while there’s a 60,000+ person party going on right outside their door (in other words, as this sentence illustrates, shorter may be better). Another note regarding music videos: we’re no longer taking fan music videos or AMVs. We have seen some quality work where fans combine their favorite song and favorite genre, but that’s not what we’re featuring. We prefer videos with original footage and lyrics, even if they are song parodies (see “Last Dragon Con” and “Comic Book Shop” for reference).
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Your submission is deadline is August 1st, so the video doesn't have to be done till then. Still, don't wait till the last minute.
If your video is done (or done-ish), please provide a preview link.
Please provide a link to the video if it's ready. YouTube private link, Dropbox, Google Drive ... whatever works best for you.
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If you have a script or outline, please share it below.
We might have input on the script, so share it if you don't have the video ready. Just a provide a link below. If you prefer to wait till it's done, then please wait to complete this form till the video is ready.
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Did you read our submission guidelines? Clicking below acknowledges you did that thing. *
Seriously. You need to do that before sending us a video. http://www.dragoncontv.org/submission-guidelines/
Ok, you read the guidelines. That means you acknowledge you have rights to the music and video contained in your submission. *
No licensed music. Our videos get posted to the web, and we don’t like to get sued. Use appropriate music licenses to avoid litigation. Avoid use of video/audio clips from copyrighted works. The people in your video need to agree to be in your video. You can make fun of George Lucas without unsolicited help from Harrison Ford or John Williams … trust us, we know. There’s a lot of audio and video resources to be leveraged that don’t involve pissing off the RIAA or MPAA (royalty-free, Creative Commons, public domain).
This is where we remind you that you retain ownership of your video. *
DragonConTV is taking submissions for videos to show at Dragon Con. We don't claim ownership of your video, we don't post it on our website or YouTube channel, and we will not sell it to others. We will link to your video from dragoncontv.org once we accept the final version for use at Dragon Con.
This is where we remind you we may not use the video you submit. *
Aside from the content terms in the submission guidelines, our process is pretty simple … People send in videos, We watch them, We decide what we like, We show it. The “we” is several of the DragonConTV producers. we hope you don’t take it personally or get discouraged. There’s limited time for us to review everything that comes in, and it’s possible that a video one person likes is one we won’t quite get. You may also have an issue with our rules on profanity or content and feel that you can’t compromise your work for us morons … cool, we get that. YouTube, Vimeo and dozens of other sites will be happy to show your work if we decide not to … even other conventions may like it.
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