Family Check In: Remote Learning
Please complete this form to give us insight into how you are experiencing remote learning. The information will help us further support students and families. To keep anonymity, we ask that if you have multiple students please complete a separate form for each student.
In what grade level is your student?
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What tech platform(s) is your student using?
Is your student able to navigate the platform?
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How much support are you having to provide to your student to complete assigned tasks?
I have to sit down with my student to complete all tasks.
Student is able to do all the work independently of me.
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Rate your student's overall experience? (We encourage you to ask your student this question.)
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Is the current grade level/classroom plan for remote learning working for your student?
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Is the current level of communication from the school working for you?
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Is the current level of communication from your student's teacher working for you?
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What's working well for you?
Do you have any other suggestions for us? Anything you would like to see offered or done differently? (Please remember there are some set parameters and limitations provided by the district.)
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