Polling - October Rebellion XR Oxford attendance planning

Dear local Rebels,

The October Rebellion planning is in full swing and this time more autonomy about action planning and design is given to the regional groups. XR Oxford will join a regional planning weekend from August 17th to 19th in Birmingham, hence we would like to understand rough numbers of expected Oxford Rebel attendance at the Rebellion.

This is only for planning purposes and does not commit you to anything, it will also be completely anonymous.

Please only fill out if your primary group is Oxford (to avoid double counting).

Thank you for a timely response by end of day Thursday August 15th.
Do you plan to attend the Rebellion?
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Assuming the Rebellion lasts for two weeks, roughly how many days could you be present? (Bearing in mind sufficient time-off for regeneration)
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Do you consider yourself arrestable at this point?
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Are you currently part of an affinity group?
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