FDA Survey
I have created this survey in order to hear societies opinion on how the FDA is run and to determine whether or not all of the FDA actions are ethical. Critics think that the FDA gets paid off by big pharma in order for their new medications and treatments to be approved even if they aren't safe.
Do you rely on the FDA to keep you safe from harmful medications? *
Have you ever been mislead by the FDA as a result of them approving a harmful medication?
Do you believe that the FDA approves harmful medications and treatments because Big Pharma pays them off?
As a results of all the controversy, do you think the FDA should hire new management to run operations more ethically?
The FDA has been making advancements in technology to make it easier for society to get updated on new advancements in medication. Do you find these new resources helpful?
Harmful medications reach the shelves of our local pharmacies everyday because the FDA has approved them.
Have you ever taken a medication that was regulated by the FDA and had extreme adverse effects on you health?
If so, what did you do about it?
Would we be better off without the FDA?
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