Are you a membrane user? would you like to reduce landfill disposal of end-of-life membrane modules? Please, help us by filling out this baseline form
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Filling this survey you will contribute to

1. A technical-social analysis within the Mem2.0 project.

2. Upgrade the MemEoL online available tool create by a team of researchers at UNSW (Sydney, Australia) . Currently, the main objective of this tool is promoting better practices in the desalination industry by helping users identify and select the optimum end-of-life option for their used reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

3. Upgrade a Web-mapping created by IMDEA Water researchers (Madrid, Spain). It shows alternatives of end-of-life membrane management to landfill disposal. The main aim is to network public and private entities Globally. If you are part of this community and you did not find your institution at the web-mapping, please contact us!!!

Any question, proposal, discussion.. you can further communicate us at or

Mem2.0 project with reference TECSPR17-1-0019, has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 712949 (TECNIOspring PLUS) and from the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia. Research activity is conducted at University of South Wales (UNSW, Australia) and University of Girona (UdG, Spain). This survey has been created in collaboration with Life-Transfomem consortium (

Thank you for contributing with your time.

Type of membrane to be discharged
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Model and commercial brand
Which water does your facility treat?
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If your facility treat other type of water not included in the shortlist, please write it here
How is the membrane configured?
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Number of end-of-life membranes you usually annually replace
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If > 1000, please indicate how many
How much do you usually pay for the management of this amount of end-of-life membranes (total cost $/ module include transport to the landfill and disposal fee)
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If the cost that you are indicating is not euro, please write the currency (American dollar, Australian dollar, pound..)
How faraway is your facility to the landfill?
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How often do you have to replace your membranes?
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Main reason for membrane replacement
If you have clicked other, please write here the main reason whereby you replace your membranes
Which membranes do you replace the most (only for desalination plants)
Fouling - Most of the membrane have ...
Permeability- Most of the membrane have ...
Clear selection
Rejection coefficients - Membranes lost their capability to reject...
General end-of-life membrane weight
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How do you usually store the end-of-life membranes
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Name of the facility
Type of facility
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Kind of management
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Plant location (country, city. If possible please insert google maps link)
Your facility located in..
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Does your plant use membranes within the pre-treatment stage?
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Does your company have other water treatment facilities?
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If yes... which membranes do the facilities use?
If yes..Which water do these facilities treat?
If yes ... what is the main treated water usage of these facilities?
If you have selected other, please write here other uses of water
Does your company reuse the membranes by changing their position within the pressure vessels membrane housing ?
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Do you think that your company would use second-hand or recycled membranes within their facilities?
Clear selection
Do you think that your company would invest on regenerating or recyling their own end-of-life membranes?
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What is the maximum prize would you pay for a recycled membrane?
Clear selection
Do you treat you concentrate stream prior to be discharged?
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If you treat the concentrate stream, would you mind to indicate which process do you use?
Web-mapping updating
Are you or your company involved in researching end-of-life membrane alternatives to landfill disposal?
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If yes, what is the topic about?
Which research level are you working at?
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Would you like to keep in contact?
Name and surname
Contact email
Your main investigation results (copy and paste the links to download.. papers, news, patents)
Location (copy and paste from google maps)
Your space
Feel free to write here observations, comments ...
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