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The questions in this survey will help me determine if your business situation will be a good fit for a potential coaching call and an #AskJereshia episode. I get far more submissions than slots available, so please do not take it personally if you are not selected. You are welcome to make multiple submissions; all I ask is that you request help on a different topic with each submission.

The information you submit below will be kept private (only accessed by me and my team) unless and until you are selected for the show. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to choose what information you wish to share. You will have the option to remain anonymous. If you are selected, you will be asked to provide a recent headshot for use in social media promotions, unless you choose to remain anonymous.

If you are selected, my team will reach out to you via email to schedule a coaching call. Make sure the email address you submit below is one you check regularly.

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Be as detailed as possible. "I want to make more sales," probably won't get chosen. A specific question such as, "how do I create a strategic plan to move viewers who've enjoyed your free Facebook content (cooking videos) to interested/ready to buy your paid content (1:1 coaching)?", is more likely to be chosen. The Jereshia Said Podcast is geared toward helping service based business owners learn simple strategies to scale their business beyond one on one offers. I am unlikely to select questions about finding new business ideas—unless they are very specific and demonstrate that you have already put a lot of work into testing different business ideas.
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Again, be specific. With the question you listed in the previous step, what would a successful outcome look like? Using the previous question's example, a good goal might be, "Together we will build a strategy to improve my Facebook sales conversions by 30% in the next six months."
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