GSC2019: Jumpstart a career in Machine Learning + Get a Google & Microsoft Certification.
Need to upgrade your coding skills?
Need a gender friendly tech space that equips you with the right resources, skills and coaching?

GirlsSlayCode (GSC) is a program is designed by Tech4her Africa in partnership with American Corner-CCHUB and our resource partners Google, Microsoft, IBM, MEST Africa, Inspiriasoft. We are passionate about increasing access of women and girls to technology tools, skills and mentoring leading to economic prosperity.
By 2020, 90% of formal employment across all sectors will require ICT skills.

Our Vision is To Train 5,000,000 girls in Nigeria, Ghana, Kigali, South Africa how to build web + mobile apps + games with Python, JAVA & C++ by 2030.

Courses available:
– GSC101A: Introduction to Programming + Software Development Fundamentals
– GSC102A: IBM's Machine learning Course
– GSC103A: Full HTML5+CSS3 Course (Build & Host A LIVE HTML website using Microsoft Azure)
– GSC104A: Full Python Course
– GSC105A: Full Javascript Course
– GSC106A: WordPress Course + LIVE Hosting

Registration closes January 30 on first come first serve basis. You can apply from any state in Nigeria.

Venue: American Corner, Lagos
Date: February 14th & 15th, 2019.

Venue: American Corner, Ibadan
Date: February 21st & 22nd, 2019.

Note: Tuition free, Registration is N5000. Certifications issued at a cost.

Stories from past cohorts:

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