VOICES 21C 2019-2020 Audition Form
DEADLINE: September 25, 2019.

This form will ask you to complete a vocalise, choral excerpt, a response to our mission, a reflection of your skills, and a response to your current availability for the rehearsal dates. All details for these are outlined below and in the form.

VOICES 21C has been invited to perform at ACDA in Rochester, New York. The conference is from March 4-7, 2020. VOICES is performing on both Thursday and Friday of the conference (3/5 and 3/6). Some community outreach work will take place on March 3 and 4 for those available.

This invitation is *ALL EXPENSES PAID!* V21C is being reimbursed for lodging and transportation to Rochester. (This does not include meals.)

ACDA has asked us to perform a concert on the theme of Peace and Justice. We will be referencing past year's staging, transitions, and repertoire to create our program in 2020, and to showcase V21C in the most versatile and exciting way.

Along with recording a vocalise, choral excerpt, and submitting a singer reflection, please respond to your current availability for the rehearsal dates included in the form. Each voice part will also schedule one sectional meeting sometime in October (scheduled on case by case).

October 19, 20
November 2, 3
January 25, 26
February 1, 2
February 15, 16
February 29, March 1
March 4-7 - ACDA Rochester

Our rehearsals will take place in the Boston area. Saturday rehearsals run from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, with a scheduled hour break for lunch. Sunday rehearsals run from 1:30 - 7:30 pm.

With a rehearsal schedule that is shortened from previous years, our expectations for preparation are vitally important to our success.
OCTOBER: Every singer who signs on for this project should feel comfortable enough with the music, that we can start staging our program immediately. This should mean close to memorized from the start.
NOVEMBER: All repertoire will be memorized by this date, and the program will be roughly staged.
JANUARY: The program will be run in sets with staging, making minor adjustments as needed.
FEBRUARY: the program will be run and finalized with a potential pre-ACDA performance on one of the already scheduled weekends.

We are looking for 100% rehearsal attendance, but will except up to one weekend of absences as necessary (or two separate days on different weekends).

VOICES 21C has been invited once again to perform through ALEA III, and will be attempting several outreach performances in Boston, following our performance at ACDA. Committing to ACDA Rochester does NOT also mean commitment to these local outreach projects. Dates and times for these performances are TBD, and availability will be polled at a future time.
We are asking for each singer to use this from to submit the following:

A recording of yourself performing the below vocalise. Please change from [u] to [a] in the third measure. Sopranos and Tenors, begin on middle C and perform the vocalise 8 times, ascending by half step each time (the last one will begin on G). Basses and altos, begin on middle C and perform the vocalise repeatedly, descending by half step each time, and continuing to the bottom of your range. All voice parts: please perform the vocalise with dynamics and tempo that best represent your instrument.

Please prepare letter B through the end of letter D (measures 31 through 60) of "she took his hands" and submit a recording of yourself performing your voice part a cappella.
Sheet music: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ptOYsh6CqMNJ6s7emxKJB-eTGL3fxlqX/view?usp=sharing
Recording: https://soundcloud.com/nicholascline/she-took-his-hands
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Alignment with Mission *
Either recorded or in writing, talk a bit about how you align with our mission as a choir, and what has drawn you to it (mission found at http://voices21c.org )
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