St Edmund's Scout and Guide Hall Booking terms and conditions
Information, Safety Notices, Terms and Conditions.
The heating will have been turned on before your arrival.
The main hall measures approximately 19.5 metres long x 7.5 metres wide, enough for a bouncy castle.
Children are not to be allowed in the kitchen without adult supervision.
The safety and welfare of all persons, in particular small children using the premises are the responsibility of the hirer.
No consumption of alcohol or smoking to be allowed on the premises.
Hirer’s rubbish is to be taken away on conclusion of the function.
The premises are to be left as clean and tidy as you would hope to find them.
All lights to be switched off, premises securely locked and taps turned off.
It is understood that the car park is for the use of the entire church campus and that parking places cannot be guaranteed.
It is understood that the main purpose of the building is as a Scout and Guide Headquarters and the condition of the premises is accepted on that basis.
For SatNav users, the postcode of the Hall is LS8 1JN
Keys will be collected from, and returned without delay to the key holder’s address by the hirer (unless otherwise agreed) and will remain securely in the hirer’s personal possession during the period of hire. We hope you enjoy your function!!

Please make cheques payable to “St Edmund’s S&G P.A.” and send to Mr. Peter Marles, 16 Thorn Lane, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 1NN. (Post-dated cheques not acceptable) or by bank transfer:

HSBC Bank: St Edmund's Scout & Guide Parents' Association:
Sort Code 40:27:14 Account Number 61532987

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