Soul Doula: exploratory questions
Before we work together I'd like to hear a little about you...

This step is designed to explore whether I can offer you what you need. Simply put, my experience as a birth doula taught me the importance of a “good fit”. We need to resonate if this is going to be the amazing experience it deserves to be. Therefore, answering these questions is simply the first step towards discovering if both of us feel the magic.

If you choose to pursue this any further, the next step is to talk on the phone. After that, if either of us feels like it’s not a fit, I will happily direct you towards something I think might be better for you. I want this to feel right. Like it was meant to be.

Do you feel me? If so, let’s get cracking with these questions.

I know you could write an essay on each one of these questions, but try to stick to just a few lines of text. We can always go into more depth later!
Do you feel stuck? If so, how? *
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If stuck isn’t the right word, what is it that brought you to this application process? *
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What spiritual work have you been engaging in? Is this work done daily, weekly, monthly, etc? *
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What’s your relationship with your emotional life? How do you take care of your emotional being? *
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What are you hoping to get from our work together? *
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Is there anything else I need to know?
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