Blossom Festival 2020 Application - Volunteer
There are several ways in which you can volunteer and contribute to the festival. We are looking for enthusiastic and reliable volunteers to assist in a few key areas. If you can't find the discipline you are looking for in this application form, please check our other application forms to see if there is a specific form that covers it. If the field you are looking for is not covered here or elsewhere, we have official team members fulfilling that role.

There will be two tiers of volunteers depending on how many shifts are completed. We are still finalising the finer details, however these will be communicated to successful applicants closer to the date.

Full Time - Free Ticket to the event - 4 to 6 x 4hr shifts
Part Time - Discounted volunteer ticket - 1x 4hr shift per day (2-3 days depending on task)

All volunteers will be selected based on availability and experience.

If you are a successful volunteer, you will be required to pre-purchase your ticket at a special volunteer rate. You will then be able to work off your ticket by completing your allocated shifts.

We appreciate and respect the time and energy provided by our volunteers and we hope you understand that as a young festival, we very much rely on volunteers to make our event viable and to help our festival and community grow in future years.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree to the conditions stated within this application. Dates for opening and closing of applications will be available on our website Please do not contact us requesting an update on the progress of your application prior to the application closing date.
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