LA Resilience Mapping Stakeholder Survey I
This survey is help us design the Resilience Mapping Tool (using Sahana) to best fit your needs
User Stories
These explain how and why YOU could use the tool to help us to design the tool for you.
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Would your coalition use the Resilience Mapping Tool like this?
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Isabelle wants to map where there are vulnerable populations (groups of vulnerable people aggregated by block) in her community.
Frank wants to map where there are vulnerable individuals (located by address) in his community.
Diego wants to map what organizations there are in his community.
Susan wants to map what community events there are in her community.
Sofia wants to map what trained people there are in her community.
Gary wants to map where the ingress, egress and evacuation routes are in his community.
Emily wants to compare her community to other communities to know where there are gaps which need to be addressed.
John wants to know what organizations have been involved in what activities and how this has changed over time.
Rachel wants to share community data she has collected to support other stakeholders to better plan their activities in her community.
Derrick wants to know what activities he can do to address a hazard in his community and what activities others have done.
Camila wants to know the needs of vulnerable populations to plan to fill any gaps.
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Is there any other way you would like to use the Resilience Mapping Tool?
How would you like to map the hazards, vulnerable populations organizations, locations, community events and activities in your community?
Name for the Resilience Mapping Tool
What would you like to name this tool?
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Community Resilience Mapping Tool
Sahana: Community Resilience Mapping Tool
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Do you have any other suggestions for a name for this tool?
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