The Bearded Vegans Guest Criteria
If you’re interested in being a guest on our podcast, or you’re a PR rep wanting to pitch a guest, please read the following carefully:
We are not an interview show.
We are not an interview show. We can't emphasize that enough. We rarely have guests and when we do we want to ensure that they are providing information and/or perspectives that are useful to our audience as well as supplement our general vibe.

Nearly every guest we have ever had on the show is someone we have personally sought out. When we proactively invite guests onto the show, we take great care and time to become familiar with their work and reputation and we expect others to return that courtesy. Simply put, we are interested in collaborating with people who have a decent understanding of what we are about. Frankly, we have no idea why anyone would want to be a guest on a show they know almost nothing about (we could be the worst!). Of course, we understand that most people do not have the time to listen to our lengthy back-catalog, but it would advisable to listen to an episode or two and peruse our show topics to gauge if you think you would be a good fit.

Guests who have a different lived experience than us and therefore can share a unique perspective that we cannot offer ourselves.
Guests who have an inclusive view of the ethics of veganism and are social justice oriented.
Guests who aspire to consistent anti-oppression.
Guests who engage in conversations that celebrate nuance.
Ethics and justice oriented topics

Vegan 101 topics
Promoting your cookbook
Promoting your business
Product promotion
Weight loss journeys
Single issue veganism
Health-oriented or body building topics
Talking about beards
Vanity projects. This includes someone who is going to run a marathon/climb mount everest/get tattoos/etc... “for the animals” / “to raise awareness”

As stated above, we are interested in collaboration. We are not a platform purely for self-promotion. We rarely put out episodes that feature a standard interview format. If you have read the above and still feel like you’d be a great fit for the show, please fill out the following:
Your name *
Briefly tell us about yourself and your work *
Please provide one or more suggestions for topics that we could discuss or collaborate on. *
These should NOT include: Vegan 101 topics, product promotion, weight loss journeys, single issue veganism, health-oriented or body building topics, vanity projects.
Please leave links to other relevant interviews you've done, if any.
What is the best way to contact you? *
What time zone are you located in? *
How would you describe the podcast? *
BONUS: Do you have the ability to record your end of the conversation on a decent microphone? *
Discussions are generally conducted with either one or both of us via Skype. The ability to record your side of the conversation will greatly increase the audio quality and thus listenability of the episode. This is not a requirement, by any means, but it is a nice bonus.
Following Up.
Please respect both our time and yours by not sending more than one follow up email. This podcast is a labor of love done by two incredibly busy and overloaded humans. We do not have the time or ability to respond to every guest inquiry.
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