"PITT-pourri"- Graduate Student Potluck Competition!

Dear Graduate Students,

GPSA, in collaboration with Ankur IGSA, CSSA, and Persian Panthers are proud to announce that we shall be holding a Potluck Competition on Friday, April 6th! This is a chance for you to flaunt your culinary talents, and share your culinary creations with fellow graduate students! Feel free to bring in your favorite dish, it can be anything from local Perogies to exotic Paella!!

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in participating! The competition will be divided into 2 separate categories- Sweet and Savory. Participants can either bring ONE Sweet dish OR one Savory dish. If you are an over achiever you are also allowed to bring ONE Sweet and ONE Savory dish as well!
We recommend that all participants prepare a dish that can feed a minimum of 5-10 people. This is to make sure that there is enough for both judges and students to taste and cast their vote for you.
Each category (sweet and savory) will be judged separately. The best dishes will be selected by a panel of impartial, "celebrity" judges, and also by popular vote! (So remember to bring all your friends too!)

Prizes will be awarded for all winners! So make sure you sign up TODAY! You can compete individually, in pairs or as a team! But for sake of simplicity all team members need to sign up separately on this form for now.

Details about the rules and regulations of the competition will be posted soon on our facebook page, and will also be emailed to all those who sign up! So make sure you stay tuned!!

Event Date: Friday, April 6th
Venue: O Hara Ballroom/Dining Room
Time: 5pm-10:00pm

Looking forward to your participation!
Graduate and Professional Student Leaders

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