Cal Hacks and Cubstart Mentor Application
Thank you for your interest in mentoring for Cal Hacks 6.0 - we're excited to hear from you!

We’re looking for people who are passionate about using their expertise to guide our hackers as they explore new technologies. We love mentors that go above and beyond, such as mentors that follow up with the progress of teams hacks throughout the event.

In addition to our normal mentors, we'll also be having formal mentors for Cubstart, our program for beginners in the hackathon space. If you'd like to work hands-on with a team from start to finish by guiding them during the weekend sessions before Cal Hacks itself, be sure to fill out the bottom section related to Cubstart mentorship. Time commitments are included in the descriptions.
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You don't need to know all of these to be a mentor! We are looking for people who are really good at doing one or two things. If you're experienced with particular frameworks/topics not listed below, please list them in one line under "Other".
Walk us through the steps you took to help someone debug an issue. *
What was the issue? What did you do to have them learn from their issue, while guiding them forward on their project? Write as many or as little words as needed. The issue doesn't have to be technical (ie a design critique, walking through
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I will be available to mentor at Cal during the weekend of Cal Hacks (Oct 25-27). I understand that I cannot hack if l am chosen to be a mentor. *
Are you interested in being a Cubstart Mentor? *
Cubstart mentors play a critical role developing the confidence of new hackathon attendees. They are expected to be free for three weekend sessions before Cal Hacks to guide an entire team of 3-4 beginner hackers. These mentors will be very hands on with their teams and will help them brainstorm through the ideation process to come up with basic app setups. Cubstart Mentors are expected to be available from 1-4pm on the following Saturday sessions: 10/5, 10/12, and 10/19.
[Cubstart mentor] Tell us about a project, big or small, that you've led in a team of people
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[Cubstart mentor] I will be available to mentor from 1-4pm on the following Saturday Cubstart sessions: 10/5, 10/12, 10/19.
If you answered "No" to being a Cubstart mentor, fill out "n/a".
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