Spooky's Showtime Commission Form
Thanks for your interest in my stream commissions! I appreciate the business and thank you for helping me live my dream of being a professional artist!

Each commission is made to order upon the specifications given in this form. Each commission generally takes approximately 45 to 90 minutes per character depending on the options selected (though full options allow for times up to 210 minutes), and payment specified is required before delivery of the final work. Some characters may be required to take a complexity charge (due to extra limbs, excessive patterns, etc.) You may also willingly take it for more complex clothing or other similar items.

Upon acceptance of the commission, I will invoice you for the price of the commission using the e-mail provided. Depending on familiarity and situation, I may request that part of or all of the payment be delivered before attempting the work. Full payment is required before the work can be made accessible. If the request is denied for any reason, the commissioner (you) will receive a statement via e-mail in place of the invoice.

Each picture can be updated/upgraded to a fully fleshed out commission at a later date.

One piece will be delivered per rotation of the list.

The list is found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I7YPp2l2Tg7mIOQCsWZ4qLqTN3fJnX0rQkrCaNK1AXI/edit?usp=sharing

The character limit per piece is three characters.

I will not draw:

- Scatological or urological subjects
- Heavy body modification/piercings/mutilation
- Pre-pubescent/underdeveloped characters in sexual situations
- Revenge/hate porn
- Anything involving racism, hate speech, or inflammatory gestures

In addition, I have the right to deny any request for any reason.

I will generally stream the sketches unless otherwise specified. If you want a sketch done but cannot be present, then please give as detailed a description or suitable references as possible. Once the piece is done, I will not have the time or resources to make major changes to it without further compensation (though one or two minor tweaks or any corrections of significant errors specifically on my part are acceptable.)

Streams are located here: https://picarto.tv/foxsaliant

Any commissions estimated to take more than three hours will only be worked on for three hours per stream and then picked up upon the next available stream. This is to prevent single pieces from taking up an entire stream.

Any questions concerning commissions or this form can be e-mailed to sali@foxsaliant.com

Please fill out the form as completely as possible and thank you once again!


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