R&S Activity Registration including Mini Grant Application 2020
Are you busting to get on with a project that supports animals, people or our shared environment?
We can't wait to hear all about it and share updates about the project with our R&S community!
Make sure you have joined R&S via the sign up page before you register your project.

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your project and at the end we invite you to celebrate by providing some pictures, video or drawings and a short summary that we can put on our website to inspire others to make a difference too. This can all be provided via the "Celebrate Your Project" form on our website.

You are also welcome to apply here for a Mini Grant to support a project that benefits animals, people or our shared environment. Applications are open from 1 June - 15 July 2020. Mini Grant winners will be advised and receive funding ahead of the project period from 1 August - 30 November 2020. See our website for all the details.

Remember that our friendly State Coordinators are just an email away and love to assist you to make your project a reality.

Thanks for making a difference!

We look forward to hearing about your project shortly!
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This should also describe the purpose of the project in under 10 words, e.g. pollinator garden creation
What are the main issues your project aims to address? *
For example "we do not have many butterflies in our area" etc.
What is the intended outcome of the project? *
For example "create a garden with lots of plants that are attractive to butterflies"
What are the steps involved to meet this outcome? *
For example "research which species of flowering plants are best for our area; research the needs of the caterpillars of local butterfly species; educate the local community about sustainable pest management; plant a garden that provides for caterpillars and butterflies"
Approximately how many individuals will be involved in the project? *
What is the time frame for this project?
Is this project to support any curriculum-linked area of study such a school project or class investigation?
For example "Year 5 Science - Living World - Growth and survival of living things"
Mini grants applications are open between 1 June - 15 July 2020. Are you interested in applying to receive seed funding for your project? *
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