Fancy Faces Booking Inquiry
Before completing the inquiry form below, please check the availability calendar to see if the date you want is open.


#1 BIRTHDAY PARTY - $100 for the first 10 guests, plus $5 for each additional guest or additional design per guest.
Face painting (variety of small and large designs) and Glitter Tattoos option.*

- 10 guests = $100*
- 15 guests = $125*
- 20 guests = $150*
- 25 guests = $175*
- 30 guests = $200*

#2 Special event - Face painting (variety of fast and fancy designs) - minimum of 2 hours for $180. Additional hours may be added for $80 each. Glitter tattoo option may be added for $10 per hour. Typical speed is 15-20 guests per hour.

#3 Customized event - Let us know what your needs are and we'll give you
ADD-ONS*: (Fancy Faces will engage additional artists for these services. Requests subject to availability of artists.)

- Second Face Painter (for larger events) - $80 / hour (2 hour minimum)

- Balloon Twister
- $150 for Birthdays up to 20 guests
- for Special Events - minimum of 2 hours for $180, additional hours $80 each

- Glitter Tattoo Artist
- Birthday parties: $100 for the first 10 guests, plus $5 for each additional guest or additional design per guest
- Special events: minimum 2 hours for $180, additional hours $80 each

- Sand Art station and attendant - variety of bottles and necklaces
- $150 for Birthdays up to 30 guests (parties of up to 15 guests may make 2 each)
- for Special Events
- small (for up to 30 guests) - $150 (1 hour)
- medium (for up to 50 guests) - $250 (2 hours)
- large (for up to 100 guests) - $450 (3-4 hours)

*Additional fees may apply for travel, rentals of shelter, tables, or chairs, or line coordinator.


If you have a special request, just let us know in the inquiry form below.

To reserve a date or to send an inquiry to Fancy Faces about booking face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon twisting, or sand art for your special event, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible and submit. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a response. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. (Life is busy!)

Thank you for your interest in Fancy Faces!

What kind of event are you planning?
What is the date of your event? (If your event is multiple dates, please enter the first date, then list the other dates in the Notes area further below.)
Have you checked my calendar at this link to see if we have the time open for your event? (We try to keep this calendar updated, but some time conflicts may not be noted. We will confirm our availability after receiving your inquiry.) Go to this link to check our availability:
What time do you want the entertainment to start? (If you are flexible, give a time range.)
Your answer
Your answer
Your answer
What county is the event in?
This will determine if there is a travel fee.
Please describe the area where your group will be located (such as the name of the park shelter) or a specific area where you want the entertainment set up.
Your answer
Required Shelter for artists
We also need good lighting and to be in quiet area, not close to loud speakers. Please indicate below if you need to rent any equipment from us in order to accommodate the needs of the artist(s).
Required tables and chairs for artists
Please note that a normal height table (with no benches attached), chair, and shelter is required for each artist.
Line Manager (for larger events)
For events with 50 or more children attending, we also require a line coordinator. This can be any friendly adult from your group that is willing to help supervise the line of children waiting to be served, or we can bring a helper with us for $20/hour.
Name of contact person *
(First and last name)
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What company or organization do you represent (if applicable)?
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E-mail *
What is your email address?
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Primary phone number *
Please use a cell phone number that we can contact the day of the event if possible.
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Additional contact person?
If there will be an additional contact person for this event, please add their contact information below.
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Guest of honor
If you are celebrating a birthday, please tell us the first name of the birthday child(ren) and their age.
Your answer
Do you have a special theme for your event? (Example: Princess, Super Heros, Animals, Patriotic, Sports, etc.)
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Number of attendees *
Please indicate the approximate number of guests that will be attending your event.
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How many children (not including babies)? *
Please estimate how many children will be needing our services.
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Choose Face Painting Package *
If you selected #1 BIRTHDAY PARTY, please select one of the following options:
If you selected #1 BIRTHDAY PARTY, please indicate the maximum amount of guests you want to include in the face painting or glitter tattoos. The fee is $100 for the first 10, then $5 each beyond that. The artist will keep track of how many are painted as needed. If you wish to allow the adults to get painted as well, please keep that in mind in your calculations. The final fee will be based on how many were actually painted.
Often at birthday parties, kids want to get more than one design painted on them. Please indicate how you want to handle request for seconds. Each design counts the same as another guest.
If you selected #2 Special Event, please indicate how many hours you are requesting and if you need a second face painter. (You can estimate 15-20 guests per hour per painter.)
Do you need a second face painter for this event?
Fancy Faces has many menus available from Fast Faces to Deluxe Designs and for seasons throughout the year. We can also customize a menu for your special event.
Face painting menu selection *
If you chose face painting, what kind of face painting design menu do you want? (See for examples)
Notes about menu selection
If you have a special request about the face painting menu, please indicate it here. (Additional fees may apply if special customization is required.)
Your answer
Teens and adults especially love glitter tattoos!
Glitter Tattoos option *
Do you want glitter tattoos to be added as an option to the face painting? (Guests choose one or the other. Birthday child may have both.)
Glitter tattoo hours
If you requested an individual glitter tattoo artist, please indicate how many guests for a birthday party or how many hours for a special event.
Your answer
Balloon Twisting ADD-ON
If you desire a balloon artist, please select the option below.
Balloon Art makes a party fun!
How many hours of balloon twisting?
Your answer
Sand Art ADD-ON
Includes all supplies and an instructor for making sand art bottles and picture cards. Please select the package you desire:
Kids love sand art!
If your event is outdoors... what is the plan if it rains?
Your answer
How did you hear about Fancy Faces?
Questions or Notes?
Do you have any questions for Fancy Faces? Do you have any additional notes about the event you need to tell us?
Your answer
A deposit of $25 per artist is required to reserve the date. If you have checked the availability calendar, you may make your deposit. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive confirmation. If Fancy Faces cannot do your event, you will receive a full refund. Go to to see the availability calendar and make your deposit. Please select your choice below.
Thank you
Thank you for your inquiry. I will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote or a confirmation. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response (maybe longer if it's the weekend since I'm often busy with face painting gigs then).
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