The DAEMA Mentorship Program is open to current Dartmouth students or young alumni with up to 5 years of professional work experience. Its purpose is to facilitate opportunities for members working in the media and entertainment industry to share the vast body of knowledge they have accrued from years of experience to nurture the budding careers of the next generation of Dartmouth alumni in those fields.

The goal of this program is to match mentors and mentees with similar interests so that mentors can share the knowledge they’ve learned with mentees who will appreciate and respect the time and effort taken to share them. By giving back to the Dartmouth community in this way, mentors have the opportunity to expand their networks and to be further recognized as established members of the entertainment and media industry, while mentees are able to establish meaningful relationships within the entertainment industry.
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During the six months duration of the program (January – July), the mentee has the responsibility to initiate contact with his or her mentor. Depending on the mentor’s availability and the mentee’s professionalism, these relationships can be as much or as little as the two can and want to make of them.
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