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If rate for pickup is wanted, rather than rate for terminal drop, please specify complete street address, city, state, postal code.
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If rate for delivery from destination airport to final business or residence, rather than rate for terminal pickup, please specify complete street address, city, state, postal code.
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Chargeable weight is the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight. Please specify if weight provided is in LBS or KG
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Please specify type of packaging: suitcases, bags, boxes, crates, pallets, loose, or note if packaging is needed.
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For the safety of all persons and property, I acknowledge the right of all carriers to inspect, search and refuse any cargo. If I tender any cargo to or through any carrier, its agents, partners, carriers or assignees, I authorize same to act on my behalf for the filing of any documents required for the legal import or export of my goods. I acknowledge that this is a good faith estimate but that final rates and charges are determined upon tendering of the shipment and that the waybill or bill of lading issued at the time of pickup and/final auditing of the chargeable weight and characteristics of the goods will govern the contract for transportation and related services.
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