City Honors/Fosdick-Masten Park Foundation Request for Funding
The CH/FMP Foundation exists to support the mission of City Honors School. Faculty, staff and connected organizations are invited to apply for funds that will make a direct and measurable impact on ensuring that no student's CHS experience is diminished by lack of funds. Funding requests should be submitted one week in advance of monthly meetings (2nd Wednesday of each month).

All requests will be reviewed by the CH/FMP Secretary, who will consult with the School Principal to make sure funds are not available from another source.
Requests for funding should be received before the expense is incurred, as there is no guarantee that the request will be approved. However, as resources permit, each activity is permitted to request up to $250 per team/club per school year. These requests are usually approved as long as proof of expenditure is provided either before or after the Board meeting.
Any request for funding above and beyond $250 will go before the full board for approval.
Direct payment to vendors, instead of the school, is a strong preference of the Foundation.

After the Foundation Board has approved a funding request, the Treasurer can use the Funding Request Form as initial “back-up” documentation to issue a check. The recipient is responsible for providing further “back-up” documentation for the request (a receipt or itemized list of expenditures) in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in future funding requests being rejected.

Please note that use of Foundation funds for unauthorized purposes will result in the revocation of the funding request and a demand of repayment will be made. Additionally, the person(s) who requested the funds and the organization involved will be unable to request future funds from the Foundation until a change in procedures/personnel can be provided.
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