World Community FilmFest 2020 Volunteer Recruitment Form
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Usher at the Sid Williams - Friday Jan. 31st and Saturday Feb. 1st. (requires proof of training in previous 12 months). ** No training needed for other Venues
Usher Saturday Feb. 1st at Upper Native Sons’ or Lower Native Sons’ Hall or Rotary room
Note: Volunteers can do more than one shift at the Sid and / or shifts at the Sid as well as other venues providing they don't conflict. Please add any comments below to clarify.
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Operate DVD player at Upper Native Sons’ or Lower Native Sons’ Hall or Rotary room - Saturday Feb. 1st. *There will be time at the start of the shift to learn the equipment.
Family Venue - Lower Sid
Set Up and/or Take Down at Florence Filberg
Dinner Kitchen Help at Florence Filberg (shifts are about 3 hours)
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Do you know any other person(s) who would be interested in Volunteering for the World Community 2019 FilmFest?
If "Yes", please list names and contact information for each person here if you have authorization.
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