OpenWorks Onboarding Questionnaire
Please tour the space with an existing member before filling out this form. Trials and tours can be requested at
Desired Start Date? *
Name of Organization and/or Your Name *
Primary Billing E-Mail Address *
Membership Agreement *
Please review, print, sign by the primary representative, and bring in the last page on move-in day.
Parking *
You're on your own, but this document should help find close-by options.
Do you have a City business license? *
The City would like that you have one prior to operating in the City. OpenWorks' occupancy permit # is 15-1854. There are discounts, up to 100%, for "high tech growth" companies. Applications are at If you have an existing license, update the address using and email to
Confirm price and size of space / # of desks *
As mentioned in the handbook, please understand that payment by debit/credit card is expected to reduce accounting.
Names and email addresses of any additional members who are joining with you.
We'll use this info Slack and Basecamp accounts and so we have a count for door keys.
Your Organization's High Resolution Logo File *
A vector image file format is preferred. We may need it for directories, website, etc. Upload to using the New button in the top-left.
Want to be listed on the website at
If so, please enter the preferred organizaton name/spelling and URL.
Where Did You Grow Up?
We keep a map near the entrance of member hometowns (just a Pin, not your name). It's fun to see where people are from. (optional)
Full-time members are expected to purchase white or beech IKEA desks from used or new inventory.

Part-time members should select '0' for the options below.

If you're sitting, you'll want to bring a chair. The preferred color is black, but if you have something already then it should be fine. Just let us know if it's hot pink.

The IKEA desks are sitting height. If you want a standing desk then you can source your own as long as it's black and fits under the footprint of the desktop. See what other members have built or bought at

If you move out and don't want the desk we'll add it to the queue to be sold to a future member.

For more on the desks see
How Many White IKEA Tops are Needed? *
These will be around $49.32 each, including the black legs.
How Many Beech IKEA Tops are Needed? *
These will be around $124.41 each, including the black legs.
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