Be a participant in one of our BEST Courses (Summer 2020)!

This form is for everyone from the CFES who wishes to be a participant in one of our <season> Courses. You can find more information on each of the Courses on the following webpage:

Important notice: Only Courses listed in this Google form are available to apply to. Courses, which are listed on the BEST website but are not included in the drop-down menu in this form do not accept applications from partner NGOs for this particular season.

You can apply to up to 3 Courses per season. To apply for multiple Courses, simply fill in the form multiple times.

The deadline to apply is the <date>, 23h00 CEST. After that, the selection by the local groups hosting the Course will be done and we will come back to you with the answer regardless whether you have been selected to attend the event or not. You should be informed about the result of your application by the end of <month>.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, feel free to send an email to
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