Religious Trauma Database Survey (by NARC-RT)
This survey by North American Research Collective - Religious Trauma (NARC-RT) is to create a comprehensive database of professionals who study, treat, or advocate on behalf of those who have experienced Religious Trauma (RT), and launch a starting place for more comprehensive resource lists on religious trauma. 

The goal is to help facilitate a public network and community for people studying religious trauma, so the  compiled lists from these survey responses will be PUBLICLY displayed on the NARC-RT website. Please keep this in mind when filling out your information. Only a few of these questions are actually required, but you can decide to stop taking the survey at any point. You do NOT need to fill this survey out in order to participate in the NARC-RT Community or NARC-RT Monthly Meetings.

NARC-RT is a group of voluntary researchers that met through a 'call to collaborate' posted by our dear team member Rebekah Monroe through the Religious Trauma Institute (RTI). Though our initial efforts were to collaborate on a paper about 'Religious Trauma Interventions', out of a collective desire to bring light to intersectional religious trauma in North America, our group turned into something beautiful; a research collective.
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