Primer Grant Application
We can't wait to hear about your project!

You can learn all about how to plan a great project in the project planning toolkit on our blog here:

Once you've done some thinking, writing, and editing, use this application form to submit your project proposal.

- Primer will select 10 applicants to receive up to $500 each to support their project. Select additional applicants will receive a free 3-month subscription to Primer, where they can work on their project alongside a community of other kids.
- Applicants must be ages 7-14 (that is, born in 2006-2013) and have support from a parent/guardian who can receive a grant electronically or by mail on their behalf.
- Applications are due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 20th, 2020, Anywhere on Earth (so in any timezone!).

Questions? Reach out to us at Note that our small team cannot provide individual feedback about applications.
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Project Proposal (kids fill this part out!)
If you haven't already, check out the project planning toolkit for ideas and guidance before you record your final answers here.
1. What are you going to do? *
(Maximum: 20 words)
2. What will "success" look like for this project? *
(Maximum: 20 words)
3. Why are you doing this project? *
(Maximum: 100 words)
4. How will you accomplish your goal? *
(Maximum: 200 words)
5. What resources will you need? *
(Maximum: 50 words. Be sure to include the total cost! If your proposal is selected, we'll use that to determine your grant amount.)
6. Who will help you finish your project? *
(Maximum: 20 words.)
I wrote this application myself. *
While discussing ideas and getting feedback from peers or adults is encouraged, the final proposal you submit needs to be your own work.
Logistics (a parent/guardian fills this part out!)
Congratulations on completing the proposal part of the application! This next section is pretty boring, so it's for adults and should be filled out by a parent or guardian.
I am the parent/guardian of the applicant and support their application. *
I have reviewed the eligibility requirements and confirm that our family meets them. *
Eligibility requirements include that the applicant is between the ages of 7-14 (born 2006-2013) and that I am able to receive a paper or electronic (eg, PayPal) check or electronic award, which is to be used to support the project described at my discretion. I understand that a select number of kids will earn a grant based on their proposal; if my child is selected, Primer will ask that your family share progress with the Primer community and that we have the right to share the progress updates publicly (we think the world will love to see them!). These updates should include photos, videos, and text — whatever kids feel best communicates their work!
My name (adult, first and last) *
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We'll use this to get in touch if your child's proposal is selected to earn a monetary grant or a free subscription to Primer. We'll also send you occasional updates about Primer. You can unsubscribe from these at any time.
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