Greg Giacona Piano Lessons
Greg is not only an accomplished pianist but also a producer and arranger. (
Born and raised in Texas, studied from a young age, with one goal in mind – to compose and perform great music for everybody to enjoy. (
Greg, with years of commercial piano, has a strong classical background. After decades of performing, working and playing in the Houston area, he has recently made Austin his home.
Drawn to the piano at a very early age, his talent and passion were immediately evident and greatly encouraged by his parents. In his professional studies, “...a professor introduced me to the music of Bill Evans,” Greg muses, “and I was hooked.” His own original and richly-textured Fusion album, “We Dream As One”, continues to garner him attention as both a composer and producer. As an arranger, he loves to craft sonic landscapes for client projects in his studio.

Greg will teach his lessons in Rhetoric Hall room 131.

Lessons begin week of January 14 and end with the recital on Friday, May 10. There are 13-16 weeks/lessons in the spring semester. Fee for lessons are $28/30 minute lesson. Fees will be billed through FACTS in February.

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