River Safety Training 2020 Manawatu and Hawkes Bay OTNZ
To register for the River Safety Training run by Manawatu Outdoor Training NZ.
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Course options - River Safety course; $50 for public members
Feb 2020: Venue Te Horo start, then Otaki Forks Sunday 10 Feb 2019 9am to 3-4pm.

The course will cover both theory and practical – mostly practical.
Non-swimmers are welcome to attend as accommodations for this can be made.

The content will include deciding to cross, crossing points, river entry and exit, judging water speed, recovery and floating, river dynamics, hazards, and crossing techniques including mutual support, solo and crossing with children. The pro’s and con’s of methods will be discussed, and the latest techniques highlighted.

If this date does not suit we can take your details and let you know if a suitable option arises.
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Payment $50 for public participants (not SAR or OTNZ) - please pay by one week before the course to 38-9016-0773412-01
Use your last name, river safety as a reference.
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Please send any queries to Heather Grady chair@outdoortraining.nz
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