PDFCreator Redesign
Welcome to the PDFCreator 3.0 survey!
We would like to catch your feedback in terms of Design and User Experience.

UI = User Interface
New UI = test version 3.0
Old UI = former versions up to 2.5
New Design
How do you rate the new Design? *
The new design looks better than the old UI.
The new PDFCreator logo is well designed.
I prefer the old PDFCreator logo.
The dark grey horizontal header is well designed.
The horizontal header is too dark.
The colors of the Buttons (e.g. "Cancel", "Save") are well designed.
The Buttons (e.g. "Cancel", "Save") are too colorful.
How do you rate the User Experience: *
It is easy to get started with the new PDFCreator UI.
The new PDFCreator is easy to use.
The new UI is more intuitive than the old UI.
Do you like the new way of setting the output path before saving?
Is managing service credentials via accounts easy to use?
Please tell us what you think about the new PDFCreator:
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