MOGSC Members Survey 2019
We want to hear from our members as we prepare and plan for MOGSC activities in 2019.

Please answer this online survey for the MOGSC EXCO and Secretariat to be able to serve our members better.

Thank you.

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1. Please share with us the effect of the low oil price since end-2014 has had on your company (tick all that apply): *
2. What are your pain points? *
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3. What assistance do you need from the financial institutions? *
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4. Have you benefited from or used the PETRONAS Activity Outlook for your business planning? *
5. What international markets are you eyeing or would like to venture to? *
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6. What international industry exhibitions would you like to participate in? *
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7. Would you exhibit in the Malaysian / MOGSC Pavilion at international exhibitions? *
8. Do you have any suggestions for the MOGSC Working Groups? *
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9. What technical events/forums/workshops would you like MOGSC to organize? *
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10. What social events would you like MOGSC to organize? *
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11. On a scale of 1-10, how effective has MOGSC been in 2018 in supporting its members? *
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12. On scale of 1-10, how supportive has PETRONAS been in supporting the service industry in the last 3 years? *
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13. What key strategic focus would you like MOGSC to undertake in the next 3 years? *
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