Student Survey
Please answer the following questions by February 28th. Your responses will remain anonymous and are being collected for schoolwide improvement and evaluation. Thank you in advance for your reply!
1. The teachers at this school reach out to me frequently to find out how I'm doing. *
2. If I have trouble understanding something in my class, I can get the help I need at this school. *
3. I have people in my life that encourage me to work hard at school. *
4. I manage my time well enough to make good progress on my courses. *
5. Becoming a high school graduate is important to me. *
6. Why or why not is becoming a high school graduate important to me? *
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7. I feel like I belong at the school. *
8. I believe that I can succeed at this school. *
9. It is important to me that I improve my academic skills. *
10. My goal is to graduate from high school. *
11. I'm hopeful about my future. *
14. Any other comments regarding Discovery Academy and your education?
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15. Please provide any additional comments. Areas to consider: further explanation for questions answered neutral or disagree.
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