Scholars' Academy Online Grade 7 & 8 Application 2019-2020
Hello Parent/Caregiver and Prospective Students,

Thank you for demonstrating an interest in Scholars' Academy. We appreciate the time you are taking to apply to our school. This application is for students applying for grade 7 or 8 ONLY.

Please be very careful when completing this online application. REMEMBER TO PRINT 2 COPIES OF THIS APPLICATION PRIOR TO CLICKING SUBMIT. Once you submit, you will be unable to retrieve your application. Scholars' Academy assumes no responsibility for technical difficulties.

The deadline to apply and submit your application is Monday DECEMBER 2, 2019. The online application will no longer be available after this date.

You must submit ALL required supporting documentation and a copy of this application directly to Scholars' Academy by 2:00 PM on Friday December 6, 2019.

If you require assistance with this application or translation, please contact Scholars' Academy at 718-474-6918.

Applicants who do not have computer access may inquire directly with Scholars' Academy.

Applications are ranked based on the following rubric:

Previous School Year ELA exam score = 20 points
Previous School Year Math exam score = 20 points
Previous School Year Final Report Card Analysis = 10 points
Previous School Year Attendance = 5 points
Previous School Year Punctuality = 5 points

Application Ranking Step I

Students will be ranked out of a possible 60 points to determine interview invitations.

For students applying for grade 7 entry, scores and data from grade 5 will be utilized.
For students applying for grade 8 entry, scores and data from grade 6 will be utilized.

Application Ranking Step II

Interview = 20 maximum points
Onsite Reading Comprehension Assessment - 10 maximum points
Onsite Math Assessment - 10 maximum points

Due to the large number of applicants to Scholars' Academy, all applicants ARE NOT GUARANTEED AN INTERVIEW or ADMISSION. Interviews and subsequent seat offers are selected on a competitive basis.

The application consists of:

1) Online Application - This application MUST be completed in ONE SITTING. Please have your child with you when you begin. Once this application is started, you CAN NOT save, go back or retrieve.

2) PRINT out 2 copies of this application. One to submit to Scholars' Academy with your supporting documentation and one for your records. You must print BEFORE HITTING THE SUBMIT BUTTON. To print you can right click on your mouse or control P. Mac users hit command P.

3) Prepare a self addressed and STAMPED business size (#10) envelope. You will submit this envelope with you application materials. This envelope will be used to mail you your notification letter.

4) Please submit ALL standardized test score reports for the previous year ex:
NYS ELA & Math, TerraNova's, Otis Lennon etc.

5) Previous school year final report card

6) Previous school year attendance & punctuality

7) Copy of your child's most recent IEP (if applicable)

You will be notified by mail if your child will be granted an interview. If you do not receive a letter by mid January , please contact

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Scholars' Academy has a sibling policy. Siblings ARE NOT guaranteed admission.
If the applicant has a sibling currently attending Scholars' Academy, please indicate the first and last name as well as the homeroom.
Last Name, First Name - Homeroom
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Student's ID Number *
This is only for students who are currently in a NYC public school. This is a nine digit number found on your child's report card. If your child attends a private school, just enter nine zero's.
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Does this student have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan)? *
Scholars’ Academy is committed to being an inclusive accelerated school by strongly encouraging students who are demonstrating academic success in school, while overcoming documented learning obstacles, to apply to our school. As per the Shared Pathways to Success Education Reform Initiative, Scholars’ Academy is expanding its active recruitment students with IEP’s who have demonstrated academic prowess and the capacity to flourish in the accelerated and rigorous learning environment of Scholars’ Academy. As of September 2017 Scholars' Academy has ICT classes in grades 6-12. Students in Scholars’ Academy middle school must be prepared to complete three high school Regents courses by the end of grade eight and approximately twenty college credits by the end of high school. The current average Scholars’ Academy middle school class size is thirty-three students per class. If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), you are strongly encouraged to include accurate information on this application so the admissions team can plan appropriate accommodations for on site interviews and assessments. Unfortunately at this time, the Scholars’ Academy school building is not fully handicap accessible. The school does not have an elevator.
If your child does have an IEP, please specify the services in the space below.
This information is NOT used to determine seat offers, only to help program students appropriately. Please include a copy of your child's IEP with your application.
Does this student have a 504? *
If your child does have a 504, please specify the services in the space below
This information is NOT used to determine seat offers, only to help program students appropriately.
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To be completed by student
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What is your favorite subject and why? *
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Additional Information
Seats are competitively offered by application pool out of a maximum 100 points. Individual School seat offerings may be adjusted depending upon enrollment trends.

Students who do not have any or are missing an ELA or Math standardized test scores will receive the average score of all applicants in their respective applicant pool.

For example:

· If a student is missing either a score for ELA or Math, then the student will receive the average score of the applicant pool for each grade in that subject.

· · Students with IEP’s will receive interview offers in a separate ranking from students who do not have IEP’s.

You are almost done! Please follow these directions carefully. DO NOT SUBMIT BEFORE YOU PRINT.
Print 2 copies of this application (right click on your mouse or use command P for Mac users)

Submit one copy with your supporting documentation to Scholars' Academy and keep one copy for your records. **Please note some answers may not appear in the boxes when you print your application, however they are received and recorded.

After you print, you are ready to click SUBMIT.
Once you submit, you will be unable to access your application.

Thank you for applying to Scholars' Academy.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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