Are you interested in being a Community Expert?
Community Experts play an essential role in Project -Re- Generation (ReGen). They provide place-based knowledge, skill-sharing, and inspiration to the students on diverse topics. The expertise shared with the group does not necessarily need to correspond with the ReGen design project. However, we do ask that they inspire a sustainable mindset and/or connection to nature, which is one of the primary goals of ReGen.

In last year’s Community Sustainability and Resilience Youth Program, we met Community Experts on diverse topics, including: soils, water systems, silviculture, conservation, passive living, intertidal ecosystems, plant foraging, homesteading, goat training/invasive species removal, sustainable farming, composting, and crabbing. The typical excursion lasted between 2-4 hours, and took place across the island - from the intertidal to Moore Hill.

If you’re interested in sharing your expertise and skills with us, please fill out the following information!

We thoroughly appreciate your offering to volunteer your expertise and time with us. I will be in touch soon. Thank you!

- Charlotte
Project -Re- Generation Coordinator and Facilitator

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