Hong Kong Challenge Cup Dance Competition 2019 - Entry Form for International Division Solo/Duo/Trio/GPDD 香港挑戰盃舞蹈比賽2019 - 國際組 單/雙/三/古典大雙人舞 報名表格
1. Before the enrolment, all schools should register to obtain their school codes.
2. Please settle the entry fee before enrolment and prepare the copy of bank deposit slip in JPEG format, upload and submit the form together.
3. The deadline of enrolment is 15 April 2019. Entries will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
4. To show your respect to the teacher, this entry form should be enrolled by your dance teacher/school.
5. One form for one entry only.
6. Please ensure that the contestants' names are input correctly as the information will be used for printing the certificates.
7. Any request for change/update of enrolment details (e.g. change of the name of dance) must be sent to the organizer via email on or before 30 April 2019 with the Reference Number quoted, whereas requests made on or after 1 May 2019, a surcharge of HK$100 per entry will be levied. Late requests (15 May 2019) or requests made through other means will not be accepted.

1. 必須先登記學校資料,並取得學校編號,然後才報名。
2. 參賽者須連同報名費的銀行入數紙或轉賬通知書之JPEG圖片連同報名表一併提交。
3. 報名截止日期為2019年4月15日,名額先到先得,額滿即止。
4. 為尊重舞蹈老師/學校的悉心教導,參賽表格請由學校/負責老師報名處理。
5. 每份表格只可填報一組一項比賽。
6. 由於參賽者資料會直接用於印製証書,請確保正確無誤地輸入參賽者的英文姓名。
7. 已遞交報名表格而須要更正參賽資料例如舞蹈名稱,請於2019年4月30日或之前,以電郵通知更改,並必須附上「通知編號」大會才會處理。若於2019年5月1日或之後才通知更改資料,須繳交附加費港幣100元(以每參賽單位每次計算)。以其他方式或逾期(2019年5月15日)通知,恕不接受。

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