CS 61A Alternate Midterm 2 Request Form
If you have a conflict with Midterm 2, please fill this form out by the listed deadline:

Midterm 12: Thursday, October 19 from 8-10PM. Please note this is PM not AM.
Deadline to request alternate exam: Friday, October 6
Alternate: Friday, October 20 from 8-10AM.

Examples of conflicts are other classes and exams, sickness (with a doctor's note) and emergencies.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email cs61a@berkeley.edu

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Midterm 2
Official Exam Date: Thursday, October 19 from 8-10PM
Alternate Exam Date: Friday, October 20 from 8-10AM
What class or exam do you have a direct conflict with? Specify the class and time range. *
If it is not a class or exam, please explain the conflict fully.
Do you have any direct conflicts with the alternate exam on Friday, October 20 from 8-10am? *
The make up will be the very next day, 8 am only.
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