North Star Project Thrive Member Application (Men)
Project Overview
Project THRIVE is an initiative to assist individuals and families affected by the topics of sexual orientation or gender identity to authentically and joyfully live the gospel of Jesus Christ while making and keeping sacred covenants. This will be accomplished by:

(1) Determining common challenges and difficulties of the LDS homosexual or transgender experience.

(2) Identifying specific principles of the gospel that when applied can help individuals navigate these challenges in a way that brings peace, meaning, and joy to their lives.

(3) Sharing specific examples of how individual members of the North Star community have successfully applied these principles in their lives.

(4) Encouraging members to seek divine guidance from their Heavenly Father regarding how they can apply these gospel principles personally in their lives.

Participation Requirements
The purpose of this project is to understand how to help individuals navigate the complexities of sexual orientation and faith in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to understand the principles that have helped men remain active in the gospel and keep sacred covenants, we ask that participants in this committee meet the following requirements:

(1) They are a man who experiences same-sex attraction (gay).
(2) Individuals are not currently in a same-sex relationship - either dating, partnered, or married.


We believe that the principles of project THRIVE will benefit any of God's children who apply them regardless of personal beliefs or life choices. Therefore, these requirements are not meant to be exclusionary or a judgment of individual life choices.

This committee is specifically organized to create content for MEN who experience same-sex attraction. We will form additional THRIVE committees for other demographics in the future.

Available Job Positions
The project team will be comprised of three different positions each contributing in a unique way to the committee. Please click on the links below to learn more about each position and decide which will best align with your interests and skill set.




Please select from the list below the position(s) you are interested in applying for. *
Our Commitment to Confidentiality
We are looking for men who have had varied experiences, come from diverse backgrounds, and hold different perspectives or points of view. As such, the questions in the application will ask about your experiences and beliefs. Please know that any information you disclose within your application will be kept completely confidential. Your willingness to be candid and open will help us understand what you can uniquely contribute to the project.
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