2016 WLA Spotlight on Success Proposal

Thank you for your interest in hosting a display table during the "Spotlight on Success" event at the WA Library Association's Annual Conference.

Conference is being held April 27-29, 2016 at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane.

The Spotlight on Success (SoS) is an opportunity for library staff and advocates to show off interesting and exciting things they've accomplished. The SoS is a passive display environment (similar to poster sessions), and might feature anything from a hit program to a clever new system to an innovative community partnership. While the displays are passive, SoS hosts may choose to "staff" their tables during breaks for Q&A with conference attendees.

The SoS is not open to vendors and organizations who would be in the Exhibitor Hall, but rather members of our library communities who just want to show off their latest & greatest successes.

Proposals are due no later than Monday, June 29, 2015.
The program selection committee will notify applicants of their proposal status by August 7.
SoS event runs from 8:00am on Thursday, 4/28 through 2:00pm on Friday, 4/29.

Direct questions to program team below:
2016 Conference Program Chairs, Emily Keller and Cathy Grant
WLA Conference Program Coordinator, Kate Laughlin
Email: emkeller@u.washington.edu; chgrant@gmail.com; kate@wla.org

    SoS Host

    Please specify one primary contact for this proposal who would act as the table's host. If this proposal is accepted, the host will be responsible for all communications with conference planners, and for the set up and take down of the display.
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    SoS Display Idea

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    Important SoS Logistics

    All SoS displays should be set-up by 8:00am on 4/28 and packed up after 2:00pm on 4/29. Each SoS display will have a long, skirted table and access to electricity. Each SoS host is responsible for setting up and taking down their own display, or arranging for someone else to do so. Each SoS host is responsible for their own conference registration and other expenses.

    Final Notes or Comments

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    Before clicking submit, we recommend you print a copy of this proposal for your own records.