Time Served Whitelist Application
Please fill out this application if you want to play on our servers. We try to respond to all applications with 24 hours subject to workload and other obligations. Thanks for your patience. If it has been MORE THAN 24 HOURS since you submitted, you may open a ticket in Discord to inquire about your status from an administrator.

If your application is rejected, you must wait 7 days to reapply.
Enter your Discord name and number (i.e. username#1234) *
Enter your Steam identifier (use https://steamidfinder.com if needed). We specifically need the "steamID64" identifier. *
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I acknowledge that I've read the community rules (https://wiki.timeservedrp.com/rules) and will adhere to them. *
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How old are you? *
Please provide links that showcase your role playing abilities from YouTube, Twitch or any other video platform. While providing multimedia is not required this may increase the speed of application processing.
Please take a moment to describe your character concept and motivations. This does not need to be extensive, but should convey the archetype you intend to play. *
In detail, please summarize your prior role-playing experience; this may include FiveM servers, tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons or any other role-play. How long have you been role-playing? What do you like, or dislike, about previous experiences? Within this section you may provide any other thoughts you wish to convey. *
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