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Please enter the following information if you would like to sign up for Renewable Resources services. Members of this service will receive a 60 gallon trash container and a 90 gallon recycling container. Inside the containers on the lid there will be a sticker on it to let you know what day we will be collecting your waste and recycling. If you do not want to send this information back in the mail, you can also sign up on our website and at our Facebook page. We welcome you as a valued customer and we look forward to serving you for your waste and recycling needs.

Participating homeowners receive:

One 60 Gallon trash container that will be picked up each week for trash, yard waste, and all non‐recyclable materials One 90 Gallon recycling container that will be picked once every two weeks. Recyclable materials collected include: all plastics (#1‐7), metal food cans, aluminum cans, scrap metals, newspaper, office paper, mixed paper, magazines, books, cardboard, box board, and miscellaneous fiber materials (no glass, though glass will be accepted at drop‐off centers & other special programs).

Cost for basic service:

- $15.50 per Month ($46.50 per Quarter) – no additional fuel, environmental, or administrative surcharges

Program participants will be billed quarterly:

- $46.50 per Quarter for regular service
- Minus 10% for any eligible discount

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